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FTEmerging market forex fall threatens west’s growth. Dip in reserves throws doubt on ability to keep buying US and European debt.

WSJEChallenger Buhari wins Nigeria vote. Nigerians chose a former military dictator and anticorruption crusader to lead Africa’s top economy, after a bruising election spotlighted the government’s struggle to tackle an Islamist insurgency and to spread its oil wealth more equitably across a deeply divided nation.

INYTEx-general wins election for president in Nigeria. Voters rebuke incumbent for handling of Islamist insurgency and economy.


Le MondeAfter the defeat, Valls keeps calm and reinforces the aid to enterprises. Manuel Valls cancelled his travel to Berlin to meet in the Assembly with the socialist MPs traumatised by the electoral defeat.

Les Echos – Growth: those things hampering economic recovery. French people are starting to consume again thanks to the fall in oil prices. To last, investments must be boosted.


Frankfurter AlgemeinerUkrainian authorities are said to have hampered elucidation of Maidan murders. A report was made by an international advisory group; Kiev Interior Ministry says allegations are outdated.

SudDeutsche ZeitungBerlin and Paris to work together on rearmament. Germany and France want to develop a weaponised drone and work more closely on satellite intelligence. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel says acceptance for it has increased.


La RepublicaYes to cabinet reshuffle: Delrio to replace Lupi. Deputy State Secretary Graziano Delrio will take over Maurizio Lupi as Infrastructure and Transport Minister. Matteo Renzi decided to speed up the reshuffle move within his government.

Il Sole 24 OreRising unemployment: in February 44,000 people lost their job. According to the Italian National Institute for Statistics (Istat), unemployment rate rose up to 12, 7%, and reaches 42, 6% among young people.


GazetaEither Communion or in vitro. Presidium of the Episcopate of Poland appeals to Members of the Polish Parliament not to endorse the In Vitro Act under which not only married couples would be entitled to the in vitro procedure. Bishops suggest it is cardinal sin and the sinners would not be allowed to receive Communion.


El PaisPressure over Rajoy to change the Partido Popular’s board. The President admits that some policies need to be amended. A spokesperson related to Cospedal stated that the party should keep it in place.

ExpansionRecord quarter: stock exchange rose by 12%. Abengoa and Gamesa rose by more than 50%, meaning they are the most profitable values.


The Times – Schools fear Easter terror exodus. Teachers are protecting would-be Isis jihadists, senior prosecutor warns.

The Guardian – HSBC clean-up falling short: US report. HSBC’s attempts to clean up the way it does business are falling short of the standards required by US authorities; the bank is expected to be told this week.


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