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Schadenfreude: Have EU sanctions on Putin’s cronies had any effect at all?

Item: Russia supplied air attack missiles to its supporters in the Ukraine. There was nothing clandestine about it, writes Schadenfreude, our secret Brussels columnist.

The carriers were caught on camera. The recipients used them with deadly effect. The West is horrified. It talks tough about sanctions but it turns out that the punishment is aimed at more President Putin cronies, who will not be able to travel to Europe or use any funds they may have placed there.

But will any of the aforesaid have been so careless as to leave their un-socialistic assets where they might not be got at? Are their wives or consorts also banned from touching the stash??

The tough talk is that there is more to come. But the EU has already had months to prepare serious sanctions. Unfortunately they damage the sanctioning countries severely: users dependent on Russian oil and gas; money markets where the Communist rich turn their roubles into usable currencies paying handsome bank charges.

The EU is currently sanctioning around 30 countries across the globe to various degrees. How effective has this been? Does anyone care?

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