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Global headlines on the Brexit deal – 15/11

Le Monde – “The validation obtained in a hard fight by ministers with very different views on Europe constitutes a clear victory for Theresa May”

Liberation –  “No opened champagne bottles, no real smiles or even sighs of relief. White smoke was released on Wednesday at the start of the evening, but any celebration or sense of satisfaction was lost.”

El Mundo –   “Against all odds, diminishing all rumours predicting a chain of internal resignations, the prime minister overcame the umpteenth test of the last 28 months.” 

Der Spiegel – “Just the first step, the danger of a chaotic exit has not been averted at all”

New York Times – “maelstrom of opposition awaits the Brexit deal”.

China Daily – “mission impossible” and that Theresa May’s “efforts may be in vain since a no-deal or even no-exit remains a possibility”.

Iranian state TV –  “worst deal in Britain’s history”.

The Irish Times – “wherever this ends up, the UK will be worse off and will have less significant clout and influence. But that, unfortunately, is the inevitability of Brexit.”

Die Presse – “To draw the Cabinet to her side, in view of the strong resistance towards Brussels, was a brave move by May. She cleverly played it so that her opponents had neither an alternative plan nor the time to work out one.”


source – BBC Monitoring


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