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30/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTGreek voters warned that bailout rejection would spell “no to Europe.” EU leaders say decision is on euro membership. Tremors across continent’s markets.

WSJE Europe warns Greeks of risk of “no” vote. European and Greek leaders began in earnest their battle for the Greek electorate, each trying to convince voters – who suddenly hold the future of the country and possibly Europe’s currency union in their hands – as to which path will bring them the least pain.

INYTEurope’s defiant wildcard. Greece’s young leader, brash and unpredictable, upsets business as usual.


 Baltic Times – Grybauskaite: Security of Baltic region common interest to Lithuania and the U.S.“The United States continues to be a reliable partner of Lithuania,” said Grybauskaite. “We well know the strength of its moral convictions – the U.S. did not recognise the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States for the entire fifty year period.


Le MondeGreece closes the banks, the euro area enters uncharted waters. France makes efforts to bring Athens back to the negotiating table, but the European partners refuse to allow it.

Les EchosECB: “Greek exit from Eurozone can’t be ruled out.” Interview with ECB’s Executive Board member Benoit Coeure. Financial markets suffer but remain calm. Berlin-Athens, investigation into the reasons of a breakup.


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)Greece: the door remains open, says Juncker. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stressed on Monday towards Athens that the door was still open for negotiations, although he feels “a little betrayed” by Alexis Tsipras.

Suedeutsche ZeitungBrussels and Berlin united against Tsipras. European Commission President Juncker calls on Greeks to vote against the Tsipras government at the upcoming referendum, while Angela Merkel encourages Athens to reach a compromise.


La RepubblicaJuncker’s call to Greeks: vote yes. In a passionate press conference, Jean-Claude Juncker has defended the terms laid out by creditors and called on Greeks to vote yes on the upcoming referendum.

Il Sole 24 OreGreece’s shock effect on world markets. It was another black Monday for the world’s stock markets after the interruption of negotiations with the eurozone and the announcement of a referendum on July 5th about Greece’s future.


The Times of MaltaMilestone agreement to end roaming charges is hailed. The European Parliament and EU Member States have agreed to end mobile phone roaming charges completely from June 2017.


GazetaGreece put against the wall. Europe is waiting for the capitulation or, most desirably, the fall of Alexis Tsipras. But it does not take away hope from Greeks provided that they vote against their PM in the referendum.


El PaisEurope warns that the Greeks will have to choose between euro and drachma. “A no to the referendum would spell no to Europe,” warns Juncker. Europe’s main leaders show unity in front of Tsipras.

ExpansionGreek ultimatum: voting “no” means no to the eurozone. Investors make money and the Ibex dropped 4.5% to 10.853 points.


The TimesCheck schools for future terrorists, heads are told. One-minute of silence for dead in Tunisia as wounded victims fly home.

The GuardianNo vote means you are out of the euro, Greece warned. Three biggest eurozone nations issue stark threat. Referendum ‘is about currency not the bailout’. Osborne joins warning as global share prices fall.


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