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27/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTEBay chief lends his weight to Google in EU antitrust defence. Donahoe says commerce barriers are breaking down. Brussels focuses on shopping role.

WSJEEarthquake devastates Nepal. Death toll likely to rise as rescuers fan across region.

INYTNepal reels as tremors stymie rescue. Death toll exceeds 2,400 while thousands are forced to sleep outdoors.


Le MondeDelving into the IS secrets. An exclusive document from Der Spiegel says that an Iraqi former colonel planned the IS rise to power.

Les EchosDefence, security: France faces lack of means. François Hollande to call a Defence council with huge consequences on Wednesday. Army says 18 500 jobs have to be saved to carry out all the missions.


Frankfurter Allgemeine – Earthquake in Nepal, more than 2500 dead bodies have been found. Infrastructure largely destroyed; tens of thousands spend the night in the open.

Suddeutsche ZeitungVW must look for new leadership. After the forced departure of VW Chairman Piëch, it is still very unclear who is to succeed the company Patriarch on the long term. Whether he will remain a major shareholder of the Group is also open to question.


La RepublicaAmong Kathmandu’s rubbles: No one is coming to save us. All bodies can’t be cremated. No news from four Italian speleologists who were in the mountain during the tragedy.

Il Sole 24 OreTurnover in the public administration for 41 000 chiefs. The reform of the public administration promoted by minister of Public Administration Marianna Madia will imply new measures for public administration chiefs.


GazetatThe lost Swiss heaven. Gazeta Wyborcza participates in international journalistic inquiry into tax-dodging customers of HSBC Private Bank in Switzerland. Some of them reportedly come from Poland; the Ministry of Finance declines to comment.


El PaisPSOE candidates take responsibility for their possible pact with Podemos. The socialists will intend to negotiate thanks to their strong position in the polls.

Expansion – Insurance for executives. AIG, Zurich and Allianz Global insure the Ibex 35’s highest executives.


The Times – Labour’s sweetener to help buy first home. Relief from stamp duty is worth up to £5,000.

The Guardian –  Grief and fear amid the ruin in Nepal. Overstretched authorities fear a death toll approaching 2,500 from Saturday’s earthquake will grow higher with remote areas still cut off.©europeanunion2015

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