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27/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeSpain ‘wolf pack’ case: Thousands protest over rape ruling. Thousands of people have been protesting across Spain, after a court acquitted five men of rape charges for an attack on a young woman during a bull-running festival. Angry demonstrators packed central Madrid and other cities shouting “Shame! Shame!” and “No means no”. The five were jailed for nine years for sexual assault, but many saw the sentence as too lenient.



Le Monde

French suburbs: Borloo’s radical proposals

More than six million people living in suburbs are marginalised and suffer economic and social handicaps.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Federal Government attunes to American punitive tariffs

Kudlow: We will let you know once we have clarity / Merkel meets Trump.


Corriere Della Sera

PD, 5-Star Movement continue to work but uncertainties remain

Fico: “Talks started”. Renzi seems to open door, but then slows down. Di Maio: “He must take part in talks”.


Gazeta Wyborcza

You have been banned in the web. The government will help

The Ministry of Digitisation intends to help those banned by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. A team of government’s specialists is to check whether the death in social media was justified.


El Pais

“La Manada” verdict sets off huge outcry

Judges convicted the five perpetrators and sentenced them to nine years for sexual abuse, but not rape, which requires violence or intimidation.



1.2 million Danes have been affected

Politicians in email leakage.



Praises by Commission President Juncker, riddles at the Eurogroup

Commission President Juncker from Athens: “Greece soon will become a normal eurozone country, there will be no precautionary credit line”


Magyar Midok

Attack by Brussels is shaky

Szijjártó: The report is a collection of qualified lies.


Luxemburger Wort

Precious scandals

Commissioner Věra Jourová on whistleblowers and the new data protection regime.



Americans tried to build an intelligence centre in Lages

The proposal to take a NSA centre to Azores was made by one the current top advisors of Donald Trump. Lack of confidence in the Portuguese intelligence determined the end of the project.

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