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27/07 – Continued coverage of Europe’s migration crisis
Several member states media report on the situation of migration in Europe from one or more of its fronts. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is the most cited, appearing in in Sweden, TVN24 in Poland, FAZ and The Wall Street Journal Europe, in addition to Hungarian media. They highlight his quote that “we want Europe to remain European” during a speech on Saturday, and how he linked the arrival of migrants with terrorism.
In addition, FAZ writes about the fence project Orban wants to build along the Serbian border and doubts its usefulness, believing the project to be a move by the PM to secure support for his party. Most other media focus on the effects of migration on their countries of origin. The Sun and the Daily Mail, thus, demand more action in Calais, while Echo am Morgen denounces that migration in Germany has been largely ignored by the German public and must now be addressed.
A piece in Slovakia’s Pravda celebrates its government’s decision of voluntarily accepting 100 migrants, while LTV1 in Latvia worries that the country will have to accept 250 more migrants. ERT1 in Greece reports on the latest actions of FRONTEX, whose Executive Director, Fabrice Leggeri, is interviewed in the Czech Republic’s Euro, where he explains the main tasks in the Poseidon mission.
Some other media point out the collaboration of the EU with the countries of origin of the migrants, some of which are under totalitarian regimes. ARTE reveals that the EU will provide €50 million to support the Eritrean regime, since its fall would mean an increase in the flux of migrants. Ziniu Radijas in Lithuania also reports collaborations with Sudan. In Austria, Der Kurier writes that criticism towards these negotiations hails from the European Parliament and MEP Josef Weidenholzer.
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