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25/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU

  European Headlines


FT Europe

Obama joins Merkel to press for faster progress towards trade deal. US President warns EU leaders on fading opportunity. German Chancellor says “we should do our bit.”



Obama supports a friend under pressure. US President Barack Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday in Hannover, Germany. Mr Obama praised her openness to accept refugees, for which she has faced a backlash.


US aims cyber attacks at ISIS. New campaign targets militants’ operations with “implants” in networks.

 BBC Europe

 Kurdish PKK warns Turkey of long fight for freedom. The Kurdish rebel PKK movement has told the BBC that it is ready to intensify its fight against Turkey because Ankara is trying to make it surrender.  Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Cemil Bayik said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was “escalating this war”.

drapeau france  FRANCE


Le Monde

Areva, EDF: The State rescues nuclear energy. The announcement was made on Friday: the State will inject €3 billion in EDF when the company increases its capital by €4 billion.


Les Echos

Saudi Arabia: the big leap into the post-oil period. The kingdom reveals this Monday a major transformation plan for its economy. Key measures will include the creation of a gigantic diversified sovereign fund.


drapeau allemagne   GERMANY


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Obama: Merkel is on the right side of history. US President praises the German Chancellor’s attitude in the refugee crisis. Common support for TTIP.


Sueddeutsche Zeitung 

USA urges completion of TTIP. US President Barack Obama defended the trade deal during his visit to Hannover. Chancellor Merkel seconded: All of Europe will benefit.


drapeau italie  ITALY


La Repubblica

We are not beholden to magistrates; we need norms to speed up the process. In an interview, Matteo Renzi decried any authoritative move and ensured that politicians caught stealing would be exposed and punished.


Il Sole 24 Ore

3-move plan against foreign capital. Bilateral agreements, tightening of controls and phase 2 of the “voluntary disclosure.”  POLAND


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Let us restore a democratic State of the Rule of Law. In a joint letter, former Presidents of Poland, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and leaders of the Opposition call on all Poles to maintain in their everyday life a legal order in line with the Constitution of Poland because the next months will be decisive for the future of the Rule of Law and Democracy in Poland.




drapeau Espagne  SPAIN


El Pais

Rajoy launches his campaign with violent attacks against Ciudadanos. Parties look towards a new electoral future with the beginning of a series of audiences with the King, before the forthcoming national election.



PSOE-Podemos offensive against commercial freedom. Autonomous regions and cities with “governments of change” limit openings.


drapeau UK  UK


The Times 

Michael Gove launches Brexit fight back. The Justice Secretary warns that the EU’s migration “free-for-all” puts the NHS at risk.


The Guardian

Almost 11,000 BHS jobs at risk. Almost 11,000 BHS jobs at risk unless a last-minute rescue deal can be agreed with Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.


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