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23/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT – “Flash crash” charges spark alarm over weaknesses of US markets. UK grants Sarao GBP 5 million bail. Trader fights extradition. US senators to quiz regulators.

WSJEWeak growth, strong dollar weigh on Fed. The strong US dollar and an unsteady global economy are emerging as primary concerns for Federal Reserve officials as they prepare for a policy meeting next week to consider the timing of the first interest-rate increase since before the financial crisis.

INYTFinishing touches. Construction work has reached a fever pitch as the grand opening of Expo Milano 2015, the next world’s fair, quickly approaches. The path as been filled with bumps, many of which are very familiar to Italians: delays, cost overruns, and the arrest last year of Expo officials and contractors on corruption charges.


Le MondeTerrorism:  attack foiled in Paris. The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced that a planned terrorist attack against one or two churches was accidentally stopped.

Les EchosConsumption: signs of recovery are increasing. Automobile, train, furniture, food supply: sales are turning back to orange or green. Surveys focus on the improvement of household sentiment and their intentions du buy.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen to reject G36 assault rifle due to defects. SPD and opposition require explications; soldiers take defence of the gun.

Suddeutsche ZeitungBundeswehr to stop using G36 assault rifle. Due to a lack of marksmanship Federal Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen sees no future for the G36. 167,000 of these weapons are currently in use, the Minister wants to put high pressure on their replacement.


La RepublicaMigrants, here’s the EU’s plan. Renzi: the boats did not include only innocent people.

Il Sole 24 OreRenzi: “the boats did not include only innocent people.” EU plan: the doubling of funds and the reintegration of migrants.


GazetaUS Government: won’t apologise to Poland. The FBI Director James Comey reportedly intended to apologise to Poland for his comments about Poland’s “complicity in the Holocaust.” The apology, however, did not get approval from the White House.


El PaisThe Rato case management leaves Montoro in a difficult position in the government. The whole opposition criticises the Inland Revenue.

ExpansionFlorencio Lasaga will head the Ramon Areces Fundation. Isidoro Alvarez’ daughters enter the management of El Corte Ingles’ first shareholder.


The TimesBoris eyes the top prize. Tory star admits leadership ambitions as Cameron seeks to revive “boring” campaign.

The GuardianEU emergency summit will offer safe haven to only 5,000 refugees. Exclusive: unlikely to be any increase in search and rescue operations – confidential memo.


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