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21/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTTsipras sweeps back to power in Greece as election gamble pays off. Syriza set to renew coalition with nationalists. New Democracy leader concedes.

WSJETsipras’ Syriza wins Greek vote. Left-wing leader is set to return to power with anti-establishment coalition government.

INYTTsipras set to return to power in Greece. Main opponent concedes defeat, but Syriza faces likelihood of a coalition.


Le Monde – Those intellectuals the FN claims. The Front National revels in “being at the origin” of thesis figures not associated with their policies new approach.

Les EchosPublic employees’ status: a forbidden debate. Emmanuel Macron provokes an outcry within the Left-wing. François Hollande and Manuel Valls close the door on any change. Major reforms in Italy and the United Kingdom.


Frankfurter AllgemeineThe West urges Moscow to join the fight against IS. Russia’s help would be welcome, said US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday in Berlin.

Suedeutsche ZeitungForces of reform in Greece to win elections. Proponents of the rescue programme received a clear majority in yesterday’s Greek parliamentary elections.


La RepubblicaTsipras’ redemption, Greece rallies behind him “We’re tough.” Europe has followed yet another Greek election without much enthusiasm, as did the markets and Greek voters, who saw the lowest ever participation rate.

Il Sole 24 OreMore taxes for half of all businesses. The paper examined the data of InfoCamere (business register) and noted tax increases for the period 2012-2014.


Gazeta WyborczaDecent PLN 12 per hour. Debate on a minimal pay in this election campaign might be revolutionary for the Polish labour market because the introduction of a minimal pay per hour will help the lowest remunerated and seasonal workers.


El PaisVoters want a pact for the new government. Two blocs are strengthening: on the one hand, the PSOE and the PP with no majority, and on the other hand, Podemos and Ciudadanos behind.

Expansion  – Electric surplus. The government projects to cut electricity prices in the midst of the election campaign.


The TimesOne in three will suffer dementia, study warns. Urgent call to boost research as crisis looms.

The GuardianSyriza escapes dead heat to win power in Greece again. Alexis Tsipras declares “victory for the people” as voters back leftists despite austerity.




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