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21/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe

Markets rally as polls narrow ahead of British vote on EU. Remain campaign senses mood shift. Experts say outcome still too tight to call.


Market fly as UK polls tilt. Surveys show tiny margin for a vote to remain in EU.0


Hungry, Venezuelans turns to pillaging. Food riots and looting add to troubles of nation suffering economic crash.


Le Monde

The “Brexit” camp is destabilised after the murder of MP Jo Cox. The assassination of Jo Cox disturbs the pro-Brexit dynamic: three days before the Brexit referendum, both camps are neck-and-neck.

Les Echos

Financial markets aren’t afraid of BrexitThe possibility of a trend reversal, three days before the referendum, reassures investors. European stock market surge, CAC 40 up 3.5%, its highest increase in 9 months. The British pound almost erased this year’s losses.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Agreement on reform of inheritance tax. “The agreement must protect the existence of SMEs.” Criticism of compromise.


Archdiocese of Munich owns €6.3 billion. No diocese in Germany has more assets than in the Bavarian capital. Figures fuel the debate on the wealth of the Catholic Church.


La Repubblica

Renzi: a vote for change, banks and cement, the M5S challenge. Like in Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain, women from non-traditional parties are now heading major cities.

Il Sole 24 Ore

EU surges ahead of Brexit vote: stocks and pound are back up. Good news for the “remain” camp, which is back up in the polls a few days from the vote.


Gazeta Wyborcza

“Orliki” project fell into disgrace. The Law and Justice government annuls one of the most successful sports activation projects of the previous ruling team – building modern sports facilities in small towns, the so-called “Orliki” project.  The PO-PSL government built 2,604 modern football, volleyball and basketball playing fields that benefited largely local schools and communities.


El País

Final battle for parties in the most disputed regions. For the last week of electoral campaign, party leaders focus their energy on the regions where their MPs seats depend on a few votes. For the last week of electoral campaign, party leaders focus their energy on the regions where their MPs seats depend on a few votes.


Guindos: “Brexit would give wings to populisms in Europe”. Spanish Economy minister Luis de Guindos attacked the British government’s decision to hold a referendum regarding the permanence of the country in the EU.


The Times

Pound soars as markets bet on a Remain victory. City warns of further shocks in 48-hour countdown to referendum.

The Guardian

Vote to remain. The EU embodies the best of us as a free people in a peaceful Europe. Vote this week. Vote for a united country that reaches out to the world. Vote against a divided nation that turns inwards.


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