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21/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTBrussels to charge Russia’s Gazprom with market abuse. Antitrust claims threaten to inflame already tense relations with Moscow.

WSJEEurope to bolster migrant response. The European Union pledged a set of measures in a bid to step up its response to a growing migration crisis and stem the thousands of people risking the dangerous sea crossing to Europe.

INYTMigrant crisis tests Europe’s resolve. Leaders are set to meet Thursday amid spike in deaths in Mediterranean.


Le MondeImmigrants: how to put an end to the disaster? The sunken boat with immigrants from Libya has become the biggest catastrophe the Mediterranean has ever known – more than 700 people are presumed dead.

Lrs EchosImmigration dramas: Europe has no solutions. Extraordinary Summit of EU leaders will be held on Thursday. Brussels’ European Commission presented a ten-point action plan.


Frankfurter AllgemeineEurope to do more for Refugees. Merkel speaks of preventing more victims and fighting against traffickers; Brussels gives more money for sea rescue.

Suddeutsche ZeitungDying refugees shake Europe. Following the death of hundreds of Africans in the Mediterranean sea, the EU decides to improve sea rescue with more ships. Merkel: we must do everything we can to prevent people from perishing “on our doorstep.”


La Republica – Europe declares war on human traffickers. Italy once again calls for help in the wake of a new Mediterranean tragedy. The EU is considering destroying traffickers’ boats and strengthening rescue teams.

Il Sole 24 OreTax authorities: abuse of right’s decree. The new text, discussed today in the Council of Ministers, will not take into account the draft on offence’s reform.


GazetaPoland takes Patriots. US Patriot missiles will be guarding the Polish sky and the country’s soldiers will be transported onto the battlefield by Caracal helicopters. Gazeta Wyborcza reveals the key decisions taken in the most important public procurements, worth about PLN 35 billion altogether.


El PaisThe crime in Barcelona raises school violence to an unusual level. Teachers ask for more controls in order to prevent attacks by students. As a minor, the 13-year-old attacker cannot be charged with murder under Spanish law.

ExpansionRodrigo’s Rato holding enjoys tax benefits. His companies total more than 20 million euros in bonuses in order to pay fewer taxes.


The TimesMajor warns of SNP coup. Sir John Major will urge voters today to reject a “weak and unstable” Labour government subjected to a “daily dose of political blackmail” by the SNP.

The Guardian  – PM’s Sturgeon tactics put UK at risk, says Tory peer. Alarm that pro-UK alliance “shattered” in order to damage Labour.


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