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20/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe

Merkel forced to change tack over refugees after Berlin election blow.

Regret over Germany’s lack of preparation. Bid to shore up support amid populist gains.


New York bomb suspect captured.

Man sought in attack taken into custody after being injured in shootout with police.


Police arrest suspect in New York bombing.

Extensive manhunt ends in New Jersey shootout; 5 pipe bombs are found.


Le Monde 

Series of departures from ministries and Elysée Palace.

Over the past hundred days, 57 members of ministerial offices and of the Elysée Palace have resigned, which represents a little more than 10% of staff.

Les Echos 

Losing gamble on falling tax burden.

Tax and social security contributions to stabilise at 44.5% of GDP in 2017. The five-year term will end at nearly 2 percentage points up compared to 2011.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Merkel wants to explain her policy better.

Seehofer: This will not be enough. Chancellor admits temporary loss of control of refugees.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Merkel: I would like to wind back the clock.

A rare self-critical Chancellor admits errors in refugee policy. She takes responsibility for electoral defeats. Seehofer: the situation of the CDU/CSU has never been so difficult.


La Repubblica

Libya, two Italian technicians kidnapped. New York: bomber arrested.

Kidnapping took place at dawn near the Algerian border, no group has yet claimed responsibility.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Stock exchanges and bonds on the up: oil prices causing rise.

Weak dollar, headlights on the Fed. Milan Stock: + 1.28%.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Armed geologists.

The Ministry of Environment announced plans to form a Geological Guard that will effectively fight illegal extraction of minerals like coal, gravel and amber. The Guard will be equipped with military weapon, handcuffs, gas launchers and truncheons.


El Pais 

“Independence is an image from the past”, Iñigo Urkullu, PNV candidate running for the post of regional president.

The current Basque president is eager to renew his mandate and advocates for a shared sovereignty for the Basque Country.


The EU General Court opens discussions over a single contract.

The Court calls for equality between temporary and permanent contract compensation.


The Times 

Doctors told to reveal all income from private work.

NHS register will expose conflicts of interest.

The Guardian

New York bombing suspect held after street shootout.

Two officers shot as man is found in doorway. No other suspect sought.




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