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16/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU

Inside Isis Inc. This is 1920s Chicago mafia-style negotiation. You kill and fight to influence the deal, but the deal doesn’t end.” The FT exposes the Faustian gas supply pact between Isis and Syria’s regime.


Obama halts Afghan drawdown. President to maintain significant US troop presence into 2017, citing fragile situation.INYT
Russia deploys might, as West takes note. Syrian operation is seen as a testing ground for forces by Putin.
Le Monde

Deadlock in the negotiations on supplementary pensions. Social partners are meeting, on Friday 16 October, to discuss the deficit of the Argic and Arrco pension schemes.

Les Echos 

Diesel: reasons for a scheduled decline. The government is to start harmonising diesel taxation and oil taxation. For carmakers, this is one more challenge for the years to come.
Frankfurter Allgemeine

Bundestag to tighten asylum laws. The Federal government has adopted by a majority a new law package to address the refugee crisis.

Suedeutsche Zeitung

EU to accept fewer refugees. The summit in Brussels aims at discussing issues such as intervention teams at external borders, hotspots for registration as well as better cooperation with Turkey

La Repubblica

Green light for a €27 billion budgetary package: less tax, TV license included. Yesterday, the ministers’ Council approved the Stability law which is planning a 27 to 30 billion euros budgetary package. The final amount still depends on the EU’s green light to the €3.2 billion granted to migrants. The expansionary fiscal manoeuvre is putting an end to the tax on the first housing and is planning lower taxes for businesses.

 Il Sole 24 Ore

Expansionary measures: less taxes and slight cuts. The stability law approved yesterday at the ministers’ Council is planning a 27-30 billion euros package of measures, awaiting the approval by the EU of the migrants’ clause. Among the measures, the end of taxation on first housing from 2016 and seniors aged over 63 will be encouraged to work part time. For businesses, cuts in the corporate tax to 24% will be made from 2017 and a 140% super-amortisation on the machinery.
Gazeta Wyborcza 

Not that junk job contracts anymore.The newly-appointed Ombudsman Adam Bodnar postulates that people working on other employment contracts than the fixed ones were entitled to a much broader welfare and employment protection than so far.

El Pais

Judges and prosecutors stand against the PP penal reform.  All professional organisations ask for the suspension of the new code on penal procedure.


Repsol considers integrating Gas Natural. The oil company will reduce its size in order to maintain dividend.
The Times

Nuclear deal with China is threat to UK security. Intelligence insiders attack “astounding” decision.

The Guardian

PM forced into U-turn over list of EU demands. Move could put UK on path to in-out referendum by September next year.


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