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14/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


  European Headlines




UK opposition joins Europe’s hard-line leftists. Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory to become leader of the UK’s opposition Labour party has placed him firmly in a populist, leftist movement on the rise in many parts of the world.



Germany sets up border controls. Amid migrant influx, Berlin introduces temporary restrictions at crossing to Austria.


US and Iran edge onto common ground. Treaty may have laid groundwork for wider cooperation, experts say.




Le Monde

Those migrants not dreaming of France. It is doubtful that an agreement on the relocation of refugees in Europe will be reached following the Council of Interior ministers on Monday.

Les Echos

One more tax to finance state television. Telecom operators will pay €80 million more. TV tax will be increased by €1. The government ruled out the return of advertising after 8pm on France Télévision.




Frankfurter Allgemeine

Berlin reintroduces border controls. Germany wants to stem the refugee flow and focuses for now on the border with Austria.  


Suedeutsche Zeitung

Germany reintroduces border controls. The Federal governmentchanged its course in the refugee crisis. Interior Minister De Maizière argues: asylum seekers have to accept that they cannot choose their protecting country.




La Repubblica

Berlin starts border controls and halts trains. The German government has started to control its borders again and refugee trains have been blocked. In the Aegean sea, 34 persons drowned while crossing towards Europe, including 4 infants and 11 children.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Merkel makes a U-turn on migrants issue and sets up border controls with Austria. In Greece, another tragedy: 15 children drowned.




Gazeta Wyborcza

PO’s rescue plan. Ahead of the parliamentary elections, the PO political party proposes the annulment of social insurance and healthcare premiums, replacing them with a consolidated tax. The new tax system would be enforced in 2018.






El Pais

Germany sets up border controls amid refugee surge. The government re-introduces controls at the border with Austria on the request of Munich, overwhelmed by the situation.


Telefonica wants 20% of the TV advertising revenue. The operator will rely on its payment platform in order to compete with Mediaset and Atremedia.




The Times

Labour division widen as Corbyn takes charge. Key shadow cabinet posts go to left-wing supporters.


The Guadian

Labour divide deepens as Umunna quits over Corbyn stance on Europe. Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna quit the frontbench, saying he had not been given unambiguous assurances that a Corbyn leadership would continue to support Britain’s membership of the European Union in the coming referendum.




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