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12/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU




Kerry warns climate deal will not be legally binding. Split over Paris measures exposed. Hostile US Senate spells uncertainty.


US arrests Maduro Kin. Two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady held on drug charges, say two close to matter.


Syrians seek footing on shaky ground. Kurdish forces fill void on Turkish border after chasing out Islamic State.


 Migrant crisis: Swedish border checks introduced. It said it took the step because a surge in new arrivals had resulted in a threat to public order. The controls will come into effect from midday local time on Thursday and will last initially for 10 days.



Le Monde

Matignon’s plan to fight the FN. In order to counter the FN, Manuel Valls is considering merging the electoral lists of the left and of the right between the two rounds of the regional election in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region.

Les Echos

Taxes: the Left close to bringing Valls to his knees. Supported by close to 200 MPs, the Ayrault-Mulet amendment is to be approved today. It proposes cuts in social contributions for low-income workers.




Frankfurter Allgemeine

De Maizière defends his stance in dealing with Syrian refugees.Limitation of family reunification and implementation of Dublin rules. Mixed reception in Europe.

Suedeutsche Zeitung

De Maizière duped Merkel. With the resumption of the Dublin procedure for Syrian refugees, the Interior Minister made another important decision in the asylum policy, without informing the Chancellor’s Office.




La Repubblica

Investigation into De Luca’s case and the vote in Campania. The governor of Naples defends himself against accusations of corruption but his right-hand man combined two key positions including secretary of the Democratic Party in Campania.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Race for 12-month treasury bonds leads to negative rates. For the first time, 12-month treasury bonds have a negative rate and demand more than doubled the available offer.




Gazeta Wuborcza

Attacked by the “Bay of Art”. Founders of the “Bay of Art” private centre of culture and art and co-owners of the chain of night clubs warn they will file a case to court to legally ban Gazeta Wyborcza from publishing articles about their former employee and business partner “Krystek”. Gazeta Wyborcza has covered the case of “Krystek” who is accused of sexual abuse and blackmailing young girls.





El Pais

The Constitutional Court warns Mas and Forcadell that their actions are illegal. The Generalitat promises to move on despite the suspension of the declaration of independence. The regional president quits in order to be re-elected during today’s election.


The Constitutional Courts freezes the declaration of independence. The High Court warns the Catalan Parliament and the Generalitat of their “penal responsibility”.




The Times

Osborne in ultimatum over Trident. Call to strip defence chief of £40bn project.

The Guardian

Brexit would lead to a funding catastrophe, universities warn.Vote to leave EU “a clear and present danger.” Scientists fear research finance would disappear. UK has won £5bn funding in the last five years.


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