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11/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU

European Headlines


financial times europe

Meet the folks from 2.5 million years ago. Fossilised bones of 15 members of a previously unknown species related to humans have been discovered in a cave in South Africa in a breakthrough in evolutionary research.



OPEC sees cheap oil into 2016. The organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has become more pessimistic about the future of oil prices this year amid plentiful supplies and softening demand from China, the group’s members said this past week.

Migrants face mixed signals on trek north. Despite calls for unity, Hungary mobilises army and Austria halts trains.


drapeau france  France


le monde

Europe is hosting less than 10% of the 4 million Syrian refugees. Since 2011, 4.3 million out of the 22 million Syrians have fled the country due to Bashar al Assad’s bombings and ISIS’ acts of violence.

Industry: why does its revival take so much time? Manufacturing output decreased by 1% in July, after already falling in June. 450.000 industrial jobs have been destroyed since 2008. Weaker growth expected in third quarter.


drapeau allemagne   Germany


frankfurter allgemeine zeitung

Russia admits having supplied military equipment to Assad.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says they wanted to prevent from a “Libyan scenario.”

The flight into chaos. More people than ever before are currently fleeing over the Balkan route. Austria has decided to halt trains between Vienna and Budapest because of the “massive overload.”


drapeau italie  Italy


repubblica [la]

Hungary will let non identified migrants pass. The US vows to host 10,000 Syrian refugees. The refugee crisis continues to shake Europe and while Denmark reopens its ports of entry for migrants coming from Hungary, Austria closes them momentarily.



Brazil rating downgraded to “junk,” Beijing opens up the yuan. Standard & Poor has downgraded Brazil’s government bond rating to BB+, or junk. Beijing has made an announcement to liberalise exchanges: foreign central banks will be able to directly acquire yuan.  Poland


gazeta wyborcza

Sensational discovery of humanity’s new ancestor. Scientists from the South-African University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg announced their greatest discovery in the latest issue of eLife magazine – they have found more than 1,550 bones from at least 15 representatives of a humans’ ancestor called Homo naledi.



drapeau Espagne  Spain


país [el]

A decisive campaign begins, with a slight advantage for secessionists. Mas: “Once people have voted, we will have to respect the majority’s decision.”


expansión (spain)

El Corte Ingles lowers the price of its debt. The company completes its refinancing plan and lowers the interest rate from 4% to 3%.


drapeau UK  UK


Corbyn will put Britain at risk, says Cameron. Clash as Labour hopeful questions drone strike.


Burned-out doctors ready to quit NHS. Majority of consultants eyeing early retirement due to stress, survey finds.


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