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11/08 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


Financial Times Europe Britain’s bond-buying accelerates collapse in global borrowing costs. Short-dated gilts touch negative territory. Record low yields for Spain and Ireland.

Wall Street Journal Europe –  Moscow-Kiev tension flares. Putin says “won’t ignore” deaths of two servicemen in Crimea.
Le Monde – Trump’s violent remark against Clinton destabilises the Republican camp. Donald Trump hinted, on Tuesday 9 August, in North Carolina, that he was calling for violence against Hillary Clinton.

Les EchosWhy the stock market already gotten over Brexit. European shares have already recovered from the shock caused by the outcome of the British referendum. Wall Street hits new records. The resilience of the global economy and the central banks’ moves reassure investors.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Coalition at odds over other anti-terror measures. Doctors against De Maizières’ proposal on secrecy. Raids against jihadists.

Süddeutsche Zeitung CDU plans new anti-terror package. Burqa ban, end of dual citizenship, more video surveillance: These demands of regional interior ministers go much too far for Federal Interior Minister De Maizière.


La Repubblica – Sirte: into battle with British soldiers, “ISIS is losing ground.” Trained by Italian troops and supported by British ones, government forces are advancing against ISIS.

Il Sole 24 Ore –  Investees: 5 thousand less. Ok to the plan for redundancies. Tension on the PA executives, postponement to the end of august.


Gazeta Wyborcza –  Attack at Self-Governments. Government amends the Act on Regional Chamber of Audits in order to increase the scope of powers of auditors and to get an opportunity to directly interfere with local Self-Governments’ activities.


El Pais – Rajoy and Rivera plan to organise the investiture session at the end of August. The president will wait a week before meeting Ciudadanos’ conditions.


The TimesChinese Hinkley backer is accused of espionage. State-owned energy giant “plotted to steal US nuclear technology.”

The GuardianLabour in turmoil over claims of infiltration by Trotskyists. Corbyn and Watson clash as row over entryism claims intensifies.


International New York Times (UK Edition) – Iraqis face grim reality: even babies aren’t safe. 13 newborn die in fire at hospital, and many lay blame on a broken state.



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