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11/05 – Fears of a “Brexit” continue. Europe ready to make concessions?

Once again, talks on a possible “Brexit” concentrate the attention of most member states media. Except for the eurosceptic British media, the general opinion is that such an action would be bad for both sides, although most articles agree that David Cameron will be forced to keep his promise and do the referendum, or as the International New York Times puts it, that the Eurosceptic members of his party will not allow him to back off from his promise.

Les Echos in France believes it best for Cameron to tackle the “European question” as soon as possible, since otherwise he will be too dependent on those Eurosceptics. El Mundo and other Spanish media publish opinion articles sharing this position, too. Media also focuses on the apparent welcoming of negotiations from the European side, with Echo am Morgen suggesting the EU to make concessions to avoid the “Brexit”, although they also point out that the four fundamental freedoms are untouchable, while The Daily Telegraph, most supportive of the separation, notes it will be difficult to find allies within the EU ranks.

Some media actually talk down the possibility of a “Brexit”, such as Wirtschaftsblatt or Kronen Zeitung in Austria. On a different point of view, the INYT points out that the Scottish increase of power in Westminster will allow them to push for more concessions from the government, including the celebration of a new independence referendum in case the “Brexit” happens.

This is proof of the fragmentation in the UK Parliament, of which other media, such as Helsingin Sanomat give a stern reminder. Irish media make a similar case, reviewing the added difficulties the country would have if the UK left the single market. National press in the UK also gives voice to CEOs. They are all against a “Brexit” and demand the referendum to be held as soon as possible to eliminate the uncertainty.


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