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11/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC Europe – Brexit: The view from the Reichstag. “David Cameron turned an internal conflict in his party into a conflict of society. In the end, he turned a divided party into a divided country. Demagogues like Johnson and Farage, in total irresponsibility, created chaos, lied to people, made promises they couldn’t keep and now ran away into the undergrowth. “We insist that the British clarify their position as soon as possible and start exit negotiations. We cannot give them any concessions because others will then demand the same.”

FT Europe

Beijing sounds warning as UN set to rule on South China Sea dispute

Official says ruling will “increase tensions.” Live-fire exercises conducted in region.


No escape as yields drop

Rates fail everywhere as bond investors widen hunt for income.


Sniper puts black lives matter gains in jeopardy

Rights group faces criticism after shooter targeted white officers.


Le Monde

The murder of policemen in Dallas raises the racial issue in the United States

The presidential election campaign has been suspended after the assassination of five white policemen by an Afro American, on 7 July, in Texas.
Les Echos

Aeronautical giants’ inexhaustible sense of optimism.

Despite some uncertainties, Airbus and Boeing continue to accumulate plane orders. The American group, which is celebrating its centenary, plans to develop a new jet at the heart of the market, explains its CEO in an interview with Les Echos.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

After the killings in Dallas, voices call for the country to unite

Violence against the police during protest marches. Again shots and arrests.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

1,200 women victims of violence on New Year’s eve

BKA has identified only 120 suspects, one in two of them came to Germany only recently. The police estimates that more than 2,000 men were involved.


La Repubblica 

Renzi’s referendum: gap closing between “yes” and “no”, more and more undecided voters

A poll from Demos gives the “yes” vote a 37% chance, and the “no” vote a 30% chance to win. The divide between both camps increases.

Il Sole 24 Ore

These are the places where local taxes are the highest

Record level in Campania and Latium, lowest in the Aosta Valley.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

NATO’s awakening

US President Barack Obama made clear, at the closure of the NATO summit in Warsaw, that the Alliance would defend all its members. NATO passed a historic decision on deploying four battalions in the eastern flank and entered into a strategic alliance with the European Union.


El Pais 

PSOE voters support abstention in exchange for new reforms

Most Spanish think that the People’s Party has to bring the government members together and want leaders to negotiate in order to avoid new elections.


Globalvia negotiates the purchase of its rival Itínere

The highway group’s valuation is around €1 billion.


The Times 

May vows to crack down on greed of big business

Theresa May has promised to curb executive pay and install employees on company boards.

The Guardian

Transgender clinic referrals soar

The number of Britons taking steps to change their gender has risen dramatically over the past decade, leaving vulnerable people waiting years for treatment.




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