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10/08 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


Financial Times Europe – Putin and Erdoğan pledge to end stand-off and restore friendship. Economy woes and failed coup spur detente. Concern in west over meeting in Russia.

Wall Street Journal Europe – P&G curbs Facebook ads. Consumer-goods giant went “too narrow” with targeted ads on site.


Le Monde –  How the battle of Aleppo is playing out. The rebel offensive in Aleppo caused a breach in the siege of the city led by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally.

Les Echos  – Job creation: the illusions of the Labour Law. The reform of the French Labour Law was published in the “Official Journal” on Tuesday. Despite some progress, economists remain sceptical about its impact on employment.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – “Axis of friendship” between Moscow and Ankara. Following their meeting yesterday in St-Petersburg, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced their intention to restore their bilateral relations.

Süddeutsche Zeitung – Erdoğan and Putin reconciled. Turkish President thanked his Russian counterpart for his support after the failed coup and called for a “new era” in their bilateral relations. Berlin welcomes the dialogue in St-Petersburg.


La Repubblica –  “Sirte, Italian soldiers by our side against ISIS.” The end is approaching for ISIS in Sirte, where soldiers from Misurata have announced the capture of the ISIS headquarters in the city.

Il Sole 24 Ore –  Rates at minimum-low in Europe, government bonds fall to 1.12%. Wall Street at a record level – Milan going up (+0.31%).


Gazeta Wyborcza – Black box in your car. Black boxes are mounted in majority of new cars sold in Poland. Information that the box registers is very useful to insurance companies and lawyers representing parties in cases of car accidents.


El Pais –  Rivera imposes six conditions to Rajoy to negotiate his “yes”. The president has to set a date for the investiture before negotiating. The PP considers Ciudadanos’s demands to be “a positive step.”

Expansion – Ciudadanos paves the way for a new government. Albert Rivera agrees to negotiate his “yes” with Rajoy in exchange for six conditions.


The Times –  Russia has edge over us in battle, army admits. Leaked report exposes British military weakness.

The Guardian –  The cruelty and horror inside Australia’s offshore detention centre. Internal reports show trauma of child detainees subjected to assaults, sex abuse and mental torture in asylum camp.


International New York Times (UK Edition) – Afghan interpreters face US visa limbo. As debate stalls approval in Congress, many live in fear of Taliban reprisal.



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