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10/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTBrics leaders warn of financial instability amid global upheaval. Fears over China market jitters and Greek crisis. Commodities dependency highlighted.

WSJEGreece’s economy seizes up. Capital controls choke importers, retailers, tourism.

INYTGreece gets France’s help as deadline bears down. Paris warns of “no taboos” as it sends delegation to assist in bailout proposal.


Le MondeThe Chinese crash and the Greek crisis threaten the European recovery. Beijing has taken drastic measures to stop the collapse of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

Les EchosGreece: salvation or chaos? Athens risks it all with its latest proposals. Euro exit: ten questions about the Grexit. Maximum pressure on Hollande and Merkel.


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)UN Refugee Agency expects new wave of refugees from Syria. UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, warns against increasing refugee waves to Europe.

Suedeutsche ZeitungSalaries to rise significantly. Millions of German to see their income increase by nearly three percent this year. However, employees without agreed wages might benefit less.


La ReubblicaGreece: a €12 billion bailout plan, stock markets are optimists. Yesterday evening, Alexis Tsipras unveiled his reform program; Athens’ government will sell the Port of Piraeus and its airports.

Il Sole 24 OreTrust returns to markets: stocks and bonds on the rise. European markets were back up while the world waits for a verdict on the Greek case. Chinese government measures have been effective and Shanghai Stock Exchange is back up 5,76%.


GazetaPoland to let in immigrants. By 2017, Poland will accept over two thousand immigrants. The declared number surpasses half of the quota that the European Commission requested from Poland.


El PaisEmmanuel Macron, French Minister of Economy: “If we do not act quickly, there will be no Eurozone left in ten years.” The French Minister of Economy considers that “Europe is passing through a moment of historical truth” since the beginning of the Greek crisis.

ExpansionPedro Morenés, Spanish Defence Minister: “The State does not rule out the sale of 20% of Indra’s shares.” “The State will withdraw from Indra as soon as the Defence industry will be consolidated,” says Pedro Morenés.


The TimesScramble to get British tourists out of Tunisia. Fears of second attack trigger evacuation.

The GuardianOsborne took “much more” from the poor. Changes to universal credit will leave 3m families £1,000 a year worse off, says IFS.


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