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09/09 -Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe

Record fine for Wells after staff set up secret accounts to hit goals

Bank to pay $185 million and compensate clients. Watchdog serves notice to “entire industry”.


UK talks to EU, prepares to head for the door

UK Prime Minister Theresa May and European Council President Donald Tusk met in London on Thursday, holding their first formal talks on the UK’s exit from the European Union.


Obama calls the climate change trend “terrifying”

President hopes his effort to slow global warming will prove a lasting legacy.


Le Monde 

Tsipras: “It is time for Europe to give a signal that the crisis is ending”

In an interview with Le Monde, the Greek Prime Minister discusses the EU’s future. Alexis Tsipras calls on southern European countries to stand up to Germany.

Les Echos 

French start-ups attract record funding

France’s top start-ups raised €1 billion in the first half. The website Leboncoin explains its strategy and optimism in an interview.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

SPD and CSU distance themselves from Merkel’s refugee policy

Barley: A critical error. CSU renews demand for refugee cap.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Small tax cut next year

In the autumn, cabinet will decide on tax relief primarily for lower incomes. The package has a volume of €6.3 billion and also affects child benefits.


La Repubblica 

Raggi’s challenge: no to the Olympics, chaos among M5S, a city councilor quits

Beppe Grillo has distanced himself from De Dominicis, under investigation for abuse of power.

Il Sole 24 Ore 

MPS, Viola resigns. Three candidates in race

Morelli in pole position; Ministry of Economy: everything under control, short-appointment.


Gazeta Wyborcza

Poorer mothers to quit their jobs

Nearly a quarter of a million mothers, mostly from villages and small towns, plan to quit their jobs. They are so poorly remunerated that they’d prefer to stay at home and collect PLN500 every month from the government’s flagship programme for supporting families with more than one child.


El Pais

Parties hope that Galicia and Basque Country will solve deadlock

Political leaders focus on the 25 September campaign with intent of changing their current positions. Susana Diaz is calling for the creation of a government as soon as possible.


Telefόnica: offensive in fibre

The operator competes with rivals through aggressive plan to cover whole of Spain in 2020.


The Times 

Grammar school revolution

Hundreds of comprehensives to select in biggest shake-up for 50 years.

The Guardian 

May opens floodgates on grammars

The PM is to end decades-long ban on creation of selective schools.




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