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08/03 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropeOil price jumps as markets see beyond resources rout. Prices back above $40 a barrel. Biggest one-day gain for iron ore.

WSJEUS reject growth yoke. Policy makers say American consumers can’t be relied upon to drive global economy.

INYTLatinos seek citizenship to block Trump. Harsh language prompts residents to naturalise so they can vote for a rival.

BBC Europe – UN legal concerns over EU-Turkey plan.The UN has expressed concern over a radical EU-Turkey plan to ease the migrant crisis, saying it could contravene international law.
Under the plan, all migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey would be returned and for each Syrian sent back, a Syrian in Turkey would be resettled in the EU.


Le MondeThe end of Hollande’s term at play with the El Khomri law. Valls, El Khomri and Macron will receive, from Monday, the social partners to hear them on the Labour Code reform project.

Les EchosSNCF reveals the truth on its accounts. The French public group registered €12 billion impairment losses in 2015. A decision that owes much to the group’s fair pricing strategy for the years to come.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)- Turkey calls for more money and expeditious visa facilitation at EU summit. Davutoğlu ready to take back refugees from Greece. Dispute over the Balkan Route.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) Turkey puts pressure on the EU. Ankara puts up new demands in Brussels in return for aid in the refugee crisis: significantly more money, accelerated accession talks and faster visa liberalisation.


La RepubblicaEU: Turkey raises the price and defends its vision of the freedom of the press. Migrants: Ankara wants three additional billion euros. Eurogroup: risk on the Italian debt.

Il Sole 24 Ore Oil back above $40, Milan stock exchange at -1.2%. World oil prices are back up 5% just over $40 a barrel for the first time this year.


Gazeta Wyborcza PiS Government will boycott the Tribunal. Today, the Constitutional Tribunal adjudges the “reparatory” act with the use of which PiS has paralysed the Tribunal. The Government plans to boycott both the session and the ruling. “The judges may well order themselves coffee and cookies and talk,” says Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki.


El PaísThe King gives time for the parties to negotiate. Rajoy accepts to meet with Sanchez and Rivera. Iglesias refuses.


The TimesScrap “worst ever” nuclear deal and save £17 billion. Taxpayers will save more than £17 billion if ministers tear up plans for a French-led nuclear power plant and choose a tried-and-tested alternative.

The GuardianRevealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income. Exclusive new data shows how debt, unemployment and property prices have combined to stop millennial taking their share of western wealth.



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