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06/08 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Saudi Arabia to tap markets for $27 billion as low oil price strains finances. Riyadh prioritises government spending. Failure to support crude price takes toll.

WSJEPolice move inside China tech firms. China’s internet cops are planning to walk the beat in person.

INYTDebris appears to be from missing jet. Uncertainty lingers, but officials say clues point to Malaysian airliner.


Le MondeHiroshima remains on everyone’s minds. 70 years after the nuclear bomb was dropped by the United States, Japan has not overcome the nuclear trauma.

Les EchosEgypt opens a new Suez international trade route. Expanded, the new Suez Canal doubles transit capacities between Asia and Europe. François Hollande is Marshal Al Sissi’s special guest for the inauguration.


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)Juncker “stunned” by refugee situation in Calais. European Commission announces the creation of an aid programme; hundreds of migrants from Libya missing.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungJobs are less and less temporary. The German economy is doing well and creating ever more regular jobs. But millions of employees have to deal with fixed-term work.


La RepubblicaRai: betting on Maggioni. Taxes: new thresholds mean fewer arrests for tax dodgers. Veteran journalist Monica Maggioni, previously Director of Rai News 24, is the new President of Rai. Her appointment was unanimously ratified by the board. Separately, new tax thresholds could mean a drop in arrests for tax evasion.

Il Sole 24 OreJudicial review and bankruptcy: new laws to come. To declare bankruptcy or put one’s company under judicial reorganisation, a firm might have to pay 20% back to its creditors.


GazetaLead out trade union banner! It was the second attempt of forming trade unions at the Lidl discounter shops. After 2.5 years, the Enterprise Organisation of the Solidarity Trade Union will cease to exist at the retail chain’s stores.


El PaisJuly CIS survey: The need for a coalition government increases ahead of election. The PP would win but may not be able to govern on its own. Citizens prefer a coalition government between the PSOE and Podemos.

ExpansionReal estate peak. Real estate investment trusts have €2.6 billion to buy buildings. Flat sales rose 17% in June.


The TimesCameron accused as troubled Kids Company fails. PM “mesmerised” by founder of Kids Company.

The Guardian – Scale of “secret” US arrests revealed. At least 3,500 people detained in unit in decade. Overwhelming number of those held were black. Civil rights lawyers condemn police treatment.


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