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06/07 – Today’s headlines form across the EU – ‘Greece is the word’


FTGreece heads for decisive No victory. Official projections suggested the No camp had won last night’s highly divisive referendum in Greece over the terms of its international bailout, a vote creditors deemed an in-out choice on euro membership.

WSJEGreek vote rejects bailout terms. Projection shows voters issue rebuke to Europe.

INYTHard choices for Europe’s Central Bank. In the wake of the Greek vote, the European Central Bank will face a series of agonising decisions on Monday.


Le MondeIranians hope for a nuclear deal so that sanctions are lifted. International sanctions against the Iranian nuclear programme are impacting on the standard of living of the middle classes in Tehran.

Les EchosThe NO to Europe. Referendum: Greeks massively support Alexis Tsipras. Athens raises its voice. Crucial ECB meeting and Merkel-Hollande summit this Monday. Grexit closer to becoming a reality.


Frankfurter AllgemeineGreeks say no. The rejection of the bailout plan was more than expected. Merkel and Hollande are calling for a Euro-summit.

Suedeutsche ZeitungReferendum divides Greece. Forecasts related to the referendum results expect slim majority for the no. Authorities fear unrest and are preparing contingency plans.


La Repubblica Greece challenges Brussels. 61% of the Greeks voted no to the referendum. Tomorrow, European leaders will meet to take stock of the situation.

Il Sole 24 OreClear victory of the “no”: critical juncture for Europe. Greek people voted no to creditors’ proposals, Europe gets closer to a “Grexit.”


Gazeta – Greeks stood up to Europe and IMF. Athens is on the brink of a Grexit but hope still flickers that there will be no comeback to drachma. How the situation unfolds will be decided by the Euro area’s main players – Berlin and Paris.


El PaisEurope’s moment of truth after Greece’s clear “no.” Varoufakis: “with this definitive “no,” we are calling for consensus”. German Deputy-Chancellor: “Tsipras has torn down bridges between Greece and Europe”. Merkel and Hollande are meeting today to find a common response. Rajoy to bring in economic experts to get a clear view of the situation.

Expansion Greece slams door. 61.6% of electors say “no” to the conditions offered by the Troika.


The TimesEurope faces crisis after gambling Greeks say No. Devastating blow for Union as referendum rejects austerity.

The GuardianGreek voters defy Europe. Landslide vote against further austerity drive. Samaras quits as opposition leader after loss. Hollande and Merkel to meet today in Paris.


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