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03/08 – Today’s headlines form across the EU


FTObama to outline most far-reaching plans on bigger climate change cuts. Targets to be raised for the power sector. Bitter political and industry opposition.

WSJEUber’s value surges past $50 billion. Equals earlier Facebook record for private startup.

INYTAfter shooting, police call him for backup. Frequent expert witness says officers often have no choice but to open fire.


Le MondeEbola: a vaccine “within easy reach.” According to the ‘Ebola that’s enough’ report performed by Guinea and the WHO, the VSV-ZEBOV vaccine can protect up to 100% of the people having been in contact with an ill person.

Les EchosIncome tax: who does benefit from the cuts? 9.3 million beneficiaries of the tax relief. Income tax more and more focuses on higher incomes.


Frankfurter AllgemeineHeavy doping allegations against International Association of Athletics Federations. Despite suspicious blood values, no investigations had been initiated, even for German athletes.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungTreason – Maas had warned at an early stage. The Federal Minister of Justice does not agree with investigations launched against journalists and wants to put a quick end to the procedure. SPD, Greens and the Left call for a resignation of the Attorney General.


La RepubblicaDivision within the Democratic Party, Renzi does not want a ‘Parliamentary Vietnam.’ The party is divided on reforms and some MPs are even talking of a guerrilla campaign. Matteo Renzi stated he is ready to find a solution with the minority but not to sacrifice himself on the altar of reforms.

Il Sole 24 Ore Housing, pensions, savings: a family handbook. This summer, Il Sole 24 Ore will publish a manual which will present new laws and opportunities to invest and save money.


GazetaSKOK raid onto insurance. A private firm of Grzegorz Bierecki, a senator of Law and Justice (PiS), and a foundation led by his brother took control over the TUW SKOK insurance institution and hundreds of millions of zlotys transferred by SKOK branches for insuring their members’ bank savings.


El PaisMas ends his failed mandate with a last separatist call. The regional president organises a vote that he wants to use as a plebiscite.

Expansion Iberia and Vueling to operate air shuttle service. The two companies will create a joint-venture in order to operate on the line connecting Madrid and Barcelona.


The TimesFears over unchecked flights at Heathrow. Borders chief condemns lax customs controls.

The GuardianEvictions with no court order: hard line after Calais crisis. Immigrants in UK illegally will face series of measures in new crackdown.


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