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02/05 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeArmenia: Protesters block roads after Pashinyan rejected as PM. Tens of thousands of supporters of Armenia’s protest leader, Nikol Pashinyan, have responded to his call for civil disobedience, blocking key roads and government buildings. Mr Pashinyan has led weeks of anti-government protests that forced former PM Serzh Sargsyan to resign. He called for a general strike after ruling party MPs refused to back him as interim prime minister on Tuesday. Protests broke out across the capital Yerevan and other main cities


Les Echos

Trade: Trump disrupts European unity

US president extends EU steel tax exemption by one month. Paris and Berlin disagree on the commercial strategy to adopt towards Washington.


Die Welt

Europe wants to save nuclear agreements with Iran by all means

High Representative / Vice-President Mogherini is sceptical of Israel’s allegations. France even considers the allegations as confirmation of the relevance of the agreement. Washington praises Prime Minister Netanyahu.


El Pais

Feminism leads trade union events on 1 May

Women lead Labour Day demonstrations, but also the rise in salaries and pensions was claimed.


De Tijd

A public servant who violates the privacy law risks a prison sentence

Experts must make sure that the authorities comply with the GDPR.



Bulgaria to undergo investigations over freedom of speech

The European Parliament suggests that the Commission should bind member states to report on the public financing of their respective media outlets.



All three suspects show Loizos

He is questioned again in order to admit he committed the crime.



Experts must make sure that the authorities comply with the GDPR.

Positive prospects for the rating of Greece.


Latvijas Avize

Against dual food quality

Producers are sweating. European Union launches a more active fight against dual food quality standards.



Pedrógão Grande Inspection reveals that evidences from the fire were erased or destroyed

Internal investigation of Civil Protection was handed to the government in November but it was kept secret. First command was a table with four chairs and a computer with Google Earth open.


Ziarul Financiar

Private companies’ revolt against the state: We can be fined due to GDPR, the state can’t!

“Why is the Romanian state exempted from any responsibility compared with the private sector?” PNL Deputy Pavel Popescu asked Communications Minister Petru Bogdan Cojocaru in Parliament: “No-one has asked us anything so far.”


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