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01/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTLast-minute Greek appeal over bailout rejected. Eurozone ministers block extension. Crisis rises as ATMs start to run dry.

WSJEGreece set to default on IMF loan. European officials reject Athens’s bid to buy more time.

INYTDesperate Greece seeks new bailout. Eurozone officials weigh offer, signaling a possible restart of negotiations.


Le MondeGreece: Tsipras and the Europeans in the battle for the referendum. The Greek Prime Minister called on his citizens once more to vote no on Sunday in the referendum on the agreement between the country and its creditors.

Les EchosAirbus reinforces its activities in China. China placed a new order for 75 A330 worth more than $ 18 billion. Airbus will open its third plant in China to equip its A330.


Frankfurter Allgeimene (FAZ)De Mazière: hatred and violence against refugees are shameful. The number of violent acts perpetrated by far-right extremists jumped by 24% between 2013 and 2014 in Germany, to reach 990 last year.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungBank crisis puts Tsipras in tight spot. While Greece is on a brink of bankruptcy, its Prime Minister has requested a third rescue programme from its creditors.


La RepubblicaGreece: last-minute negotiations. No accord yet between Tsipras and Juncker as the Eurogroup says it is waiting for the results of Sunday’s referendum before any decision making.

Il Sole 24 OreAthens doesn’t pay back the IMF: negotiates for a third bailout package. Midnight came and went without the Greek government paying back part of its debt to the IMF, as agreed. Instead Tsipras asked creditors for a new bailout package and debt restructuration. The Eurogroup will meet today, but Merkel says any deal will have to wait until after the referendum.


GazetaFree roaming soon. Roaming charges will be abolished in the European Union starting from June 2017, and the price of phone connections will fall earlier than that, from April 2016. This is the outcome of a compromise reached between the European Parliament and Council of the EU.


El PaisWith the threat of a referendum, Europe refuses to negotiate with Greece. Last Greek request: a third bailout worth €30,000 million over two years. European answer: concessions can be made but not until the referendum takes place. Tsipras’ options: a consultation which will determine whether Greece will exit the eurozone or a return to dialogue.

ExpansionAna Botín renews Santander’s direction. Rodrigo Echenique, appointed board chairman of Santander Spain.


The TimesBritain buckles in the heat on a day of chaos. Calais strike and soaring temperatures bring travel misery.

The GuardianPrice of a deal: Greece left mired in debt for decades. Unsustainable debts to 2030 if Greece took offer. Leak of IMF data shows size of fiscal challenge.


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