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FTGoogle mobile network to challenge US operators. Move to press established names into improving global access to internet.

WSJEFed’s exams has banks in a lather. The Federal Reserve’s scrutiny of global banks has set off a scramble among foreign firms as they staff up and revamp operations to meet the central bank’s rising expectations.

INYTA thin line of defense for Afghan women. Shelters give protection from abuse or death at the hands of relatives.

Le MondeObama-Netanyahu: the great divorce. Israeli Prime Minister expected to speak before US Congress on Tuesday to oppose a possible agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Les EchosNasdaq reconquers heights of year 2000. During a trading session, the renowned US index surpassed the symbolic 5,000 point mark. In 15 years, it has given rise to a number of new billionaires.

Frankfurter AlgemeinerIn wake of Nemtsov murder, Kremlin surveillance videos under review. Victim’s companion reports her version of events. Funeral scheduled today in Moscow.

SudDeutsche ZeitungUnions gaining influence. After years of crisis, Germany’s leading labour organisations report stronger support among employees once again. Industry attests to IG Metall & Co.’s comeback.

La RepublicaVincenzo De Luca: clash within the Democratic Party. Renzi: the Severino law will stay. The democrat Vincenzo De Luca won the Campania region primary; however, he is blocked by the Severino law, which prevents any convicted person from running in elections. Matteo Renzi stands firm.

Il Sole 24 HoraOrange could invest in Telecom Italia: the share price closed at €1.08 yesterday. Today, the legislative draft for Italy’s broadband will be discussed by the government.

GazetaMeasles comes from behind the Oder river. 12,000 children in Poland did not get obligatory vaccinations last year.

El PaisTech boom brings markets to record highs. The Nasdaq index has surpassed the 5,000 point mark for the first time in 15 years. Zuckerberg foresees the expansion of free internet in Barcelona.

Expansion – Slim imposes a change in FCC’s management. New strategy: the strategic plan is suspended until 2017. Miguel Martinez has been appointed as new financial director. Realia’s sale is frozen in preference for growth in the Spanish real estate sector.

The Times  – May defies cabinet over 100,000 cap on migrants. Home secretary insists target can be met.

The GuardianPM: jail those who ignore child abuse. Professionals face five years in prison for turning blind eye under new plan.

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