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FTGlobal tie-ups hit USD 811 billion in fastest start to deal making since 2007. First-quarter tally rises 21% on last year. Cheap finance fuels revival that began in 2014.

WSJECo-pilot was labelled suicide risk. The Germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing an airliner into a mountainside last week had undergone psychotherapy because of suicidal tendencies over an extended period, the German prosecutor in charge of the case said Monday.

INYT – A British election, with numerous twists. Hard-core supporters get appeals, but the fringe parties may hold the key.


Le MondeRight wing victorious, Sarkozy comforted. After winning in 67 departments, 28 of which were taken from the left wing, the UMP and the UDI are victorious in the local election.

Les EchosInvestment, employment: Manuel Valls’ plans. Amortisation’s tax regime could be made more attractive to companies. Agreements for job retention should become more flexible, without re-opening the debate on the 35-hour law.


Frankfurter Algemeiner“Precision problems” with G36 assault rifle of German Army. Further use of the rifle by troops being questioned; speculation about economic situation of the manufacturer.

SudDeutsche ZeitungGerman army has defective guns. Federal Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen admits serious flaws in Bundeswehr standard weapon. The G36 is not targeting accurately when overheating.


La RepublicaReforms: an anti-Renzi wind is blowing within the Democratic Party. The PM urges his party to stop blackmailing him. The Democratic Party splits on Italicum as the minority refuses to vote the reform on the new electoral law. Matteo Renzi declared in stark terms: “I will not leave you the monopoly of the left speech”.

Il Sole 24 HoraMerger season on stock markets: Milan boosts Europe. The ECB’s quantitative easing plan and the various M&A operations boost the Milan stock market (+22.3% in 3 months).


GazetaIV Republic of Poland has been sentenced. Former head of Central-Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) Mariusz Kamiński and his deputy Maciej Wąsik, currently prominent politicians of PiS, have been sentenced to three-year imprisonment. Court ruled that they violated the law on CBA and the Constitution in so-called land scandal.


El PaisUS and Iran stepping up the pace to reach a nuclear deal. Obama is betting his legacy on this issue.

ExpansionKIO allies with Gas Natural. Kuwait will purchase 25% of the gas company’s international subsidiary for €500 million.


The TimesMiliband faces threat of mutiny over cuts. Ed Miliband’s efforts to cut public spending and clear the deficit will be sabotaged by his own MPs after the election, the Labour leader has been warned.

The GuardianThey’re off: with row over tax and a personal attack. David Cameron’s warning that working families face an average £3,000 tax rise if Labour is elected was undermined yesterday when a leading economic think-tank described the figure as “unhelpful, and of little value.”


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