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Schadenfreude: Smile, darn you, smile

An American publication had Thanksgiving news for its readers, writes Schadenfreude, our secret columnist in Brussels.


Japan has dipped back into recession;

The eurozone is barely growing;

China’s growth has slowed;

The Islamic State is extending itself, aggressively;

Russian troops are reported crossing into Ukraine;

The nuclear talks with Iran are going wrong;

The Atlantic and Pacific Trade talks are not moving on key issues.

Ebola kills massively.

The device landed on a comet has stopped working. So we do not know much more about the origins of Earth.


Meanwhile the European Union has its own headaches, especially with the fractious British who want change but without saying what, apart

from fewer immigrants especially from the rest of the EU (which has Treaty rights).


What will 2015 bring, apart from the British parliamentary election in May and more friction between the US President and the Senate ?

(No answers please, Schadenfreude could not read all the postcards..)

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