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Schadenfreude: France should claim force majeur and sell helicopter-carriers to the US

How can you hurt the Russians without the scheme “returning to plague their inventors” asks Schadenfreude, our secret columnist in Brussels?

Not by delivering to the Red Fleet the two helicopter-carriers being built in France, that’s for sure.

Handy things helicopter ships; they do not need a flight deck and can use established design for seaworthiness. One of the pair is reportedly almost ready to sail.

Very handy if you want to get somewhere fast and show them what’s what.

But how can this be the right time to hand them over? We want to be nasty to the Russians, not helpful.

The ships are already paid for and legally are Russian property.

So what? France could break the contract for force majeure reasons. No court in Europe would give the Russians redress. Even better, give them their money back and sell the boats to the US Navy

  1. Simply…the French guys again are “at wrong place, at wrong time” or read “collateral damage” for future NATO presence in Ukraine (but getting closer to “big enemy” – Russia); the “opportunity cost” for Frenchmen is the current benefit from NATO and future business interests “in new Ukraine” and todays’ not selling the boats: those will not be delivered, so the money should be paid back to Russians (good relations between France and Russia from 18th and 19th century should be kept so pay back is “a must” fro France), and NATO (or even USA) should pay France, or most likely, they will get bonus for future obligations toward NATO…simply, isn’t it??? Meanwhile France will again fail in “cash flow” of their national balance sheets…sorry guys, you are “fighting in somebody’s’ else war”…but that’s the price for being there when Ukraine will be “shared among friends”…

    Comment by bobby, not fisher on July 30, 2014 at 11:58 am
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