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FT – Berlin rebuffs « Trojan horse » conditions from Athens. Face-off today in Brussels after Greek request to extend bailout is rejected.

WSJE – Berlin scorns Greece’s bid for more aid. Germany on Thursday summarily dismissed a Greek request to extend its bailout programme, setting up a harrowing round of negotiations among Eurozone governments that could decide Greece’s future in the currency area.

INYT – Slaving abroad for a greater North Korea. More workers being sent around globe so the state can seize their wages.
Le Monde – Splits within Socialist Party increase risk of paralysis over reforms. Tensions within a Socialist Party divided on economic policy have heightened since the government resorted to article 49-3 to adopt the Macron law without a parliamentary vote.

Les Echos – Greece: Germany exasperated by the cost of rescue. Athens makes concessions by accepting an extension of the European bailout programme. A gesture most welcome in Brussels and Paris. Berlin deems the Greek commitments insufficient. Crucial Eurogroup meeting today.
Frankfurter Algemeiner – An angry Schäuble rejects Greece’s proposals. “The proposals are of no substance at all”. The Greeks are not willing to amend their text.

Sudduetsche Zeitung – Letter from Athens leads to discord. Finance Minister Schäuble refuses to extend Greece’s current participation in the aid programme; he is met with overt criticism from SPD’s Sigmar Gabriel and little support from other euro area countries.
La Republica – Germany divided on Greece. The Eurogroup is set to make a decision on Greece today. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and the Bundesbank deem Athens’ proposals insufficient. SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, however, doesn’t share their stance.

Il Sole 24 Ore – Jobs act: green light to the decrees. Tax measures postponed again. The Italian government is set to give its final approval to the last decrees of the Jobs act.

Gazeta – Orbán does not believe in EU. During his yesterday’s visit to Warsaw, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán said that there were no strong and powerful leaders in Europe who would have the courage to say that the EU project “got clogged”.


El Pais – A large majority supports the PP and PSOE’s pact against terrorism. 64% of people believe that Spain could suffer an attack similar to that in Paris, according to Metroscopia. The agreement was approved without support from other parties.

Expansion – “Investments in Aragon are increasing because of the Catalan conflict”. Interview with Luisa Fernanda, Head of the Aragon region. Multinationals are already investing in the region.
The Times – Thousands die’ as truce in Ukraine collapses. Putin’s bombers buzz UK in new provocation.

The Guardian – Catastrophic’ error by UK in Ukraine crisis. Lords’ castigating report on foreign policy fuels tension over Russia.


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