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Brexit: Getting it done?
Andrew Duff brings the Brexit story up to date. He explains why Boris Johnson’s slogan “get Brexit done” is so compelling on both sides of the Channel. He finds the new deal on Northern Ireland practicable if complicated. Examining in detail the recent changes made to the Political Declaration on the future relationship, Duff argues that Johnson is still committed to the level playing field and to the fundamentals of the joint EU-UK governance arrangements he inherited from Theresa May. The EU is right not to expect an extension of the transition period. Duff explains why the basic free trade and fisheries agreement can be done in 2020. He expects the British position to become less ideological and more pragmatic as the negotiations unroll, including a more positive attitude to dynamic regulatory alignment.

Duff points to the heavy workload facing the UK as it puts in place the country’s new legislation and regulatory framework. He emphasises the importance and opportunities arising from parliamentary scrutiny. He hopes that the British will contribute to the EU’s reflections on the failure of British membership, in particular on new forms of differentiated integration suitable for the wider Europe.
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