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Barriers to EU-wide digital services to come down

A €131m programme which will help break down digital barriers in the Digital Single Market (DSM) was adopted in the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee today.

“Many new digital services in Europe such as electronic mobile health applications crucially depend on EU-wide standards and smooth operation across our internal borders. This new programme will help interoperability and give more flexibility and thus take us a huge step forward to achieving a true internal Digital Single Market”, said Michał Boni MEP.

The Industry Committee adopted the update of the so-called ISA2 Programme which will bring public administration, businesses and citizens all over the EU closer to speaking the same language when they use digital services on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

The ISA Programme was first introduced in 1995 and the new ISA2 Programme covers the period from 2016-2020. The aims of the programme are to establish electronic connections, foster cooperation among public administrators in Europe, make information accessible on the internet and to help implement electronic services across Europe.

“Better connections in the digital Europe are essential because more and more citizens are working and relocating inside the EU and businesses trade and operate cross-border. They often have to deal electronically with administrations in different Member States”, Boni concluded.

Boni emphasised that many areas in the EU such as the internal market, environment, justice and home affairs, customs and taxation, health and public procurement will benefit from the new ISA2 Programme.

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