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29/08 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe 

Merkel under fire from deputy over migrant policy

SPD says challenges ‘underestimated’; Chancellor hit by sharp drop in polls.


Wall Street titans reboot

Morgan Stanley and Goldman turn to basic banking services, but they lack experience.


Women policed: from bikinis to burkinis

What impels societies to judge and regulate their choice of clothing?


Le Monde

Manuel Valls revives the debate on the burkini

The French Council of State judged, on 26 August, that anti-burkini decrees “seriously and illegally harm fundamental freedoms”.

Les Echos

Growth: the new global outlook

Chinese slowdown, productivity drop, and debt: the three risks for the global economy. The Fed is preparing investors to a tighter regulation. In Europe, the ECB is warning governments.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Leading CDU politicians want Merkel as candidate for chancellor in 2017

Bouffier: “I consider it right that she lines up”. The party chairwoman remains tongue-tied.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Green doubt competences of the CDU

Party leader vehemently criticizes the demands from Union politicians to reduce taxes: Germany has “to cope with a gigantic mountain of debt”.


La Repubblica 

The government claims quake victims “will leave tents in a month.” Justice investigates the deadly renovations

Renzo Piano: “At work with the Prime Minister, a project for two generations.”
Il Sole 24 Ore

Public administration reform: six key months

6 decrees and more than 60 orders are missing.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Speed cameras put out to grass

Poland has the fewest speed cameras in Europe, the highest speed limits and most of drivers exceed them with impunity – but other electronic traps on the road are lurking.


El Pais 

Rajoy and Rivera sign an agreement to convince the PSOE

The agreement is made of 100 measures negotiated by Sanchez and the Cuidadanos political party.


El Corte Inglés earns 34% more and improves its profitability

Its profit reaches 158 million with sales amounting to 15.2 billion.


The Times 

May threatens Hinkley deal

China faces being cut out of Britain’s nuclear future.

The Guardian 

Constituency review ‘will hit Labour hard’

Tories accused of gerrymandering as opposition could lose up to 30 seats.
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