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29/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTGreece closes banks to head off chaos as bailout talks break down. Athens nearer to potential eurozone exit. Capital controls imposed after ECB freezes funds.

WSJEGreece to keep banks closed Monday. Temporary move comes after ECB restricts lifeline. Fringe parties in eurozone cheer Tsipras’ stand.

INYTGreek banks close amid run on cash. As referendum looms, many in country hoard groceries, gas and euros. Government also limits withdrawals after talks with creditors collapse.


Le MondeTerrorism: shockwave after a bloody Friday. For the first time in France, a man is beheaded during a terrorist attack against a chemical plant in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (Isère).

Les EchosGreece on the way to chaos. The breakdown in negotiations raises the risk of bankruptcy. The question arises as to whether Greece will stay in the eurozone or not. Greek banks to be kept closed, markets under great tension.


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)Greek banks will remain closed for the moment. Tsipras says that deposits are safe. Introduction of capital controls. The ECB does not increase its aid for banks.

Suedeutsche Zeitung – Fear of financial chaos in Greece. After the failure of bailout negotiations, Greeks pick up more than 1 billion euro from their banks accounts. Money won’t be available much longer.


La RepubblicaChaos in Athens, banks and stock markets closed. Tsipras appeals for calm as the Greek parliament approves a referendum on EU safety plan later this week.

Il Sole 24 OreBusy summer schedule for Italian MPs. Time is of the essence as both Italian houses of Parliament face a daunting summer voting schedule. Schools, telecommunications and bureaucracy are just some of the sectors up for reform.


GazetaBank-less Greece. As Athens is one step from leaving the euro area, the Greek government decided to close banks today so that panic-struck citizens do not withdraw all their savings. On Sunday, Greece will hold a referendum to decide on the future of its euro area membership.


El PaisGreece sinks in financial chaos and orders the freezing of bank deposits. The Greek government imposes bank closure before capital flight. The European Central Bank temporarily maintains emergency liquidity. Germany and Italy organise emergency meetings in order to analyse the crisis.

ExpansionGreece collapses. Tsipras imposes frozen bank deposits and bank closures today. The eurozone is preparing for a possible Grexit.


The TimesTunisia attack: police on alert amid fears UK toll will hit 30. Almost 400 officers deployed to UK airports. Tally of victims expected to at least double. Tunisian police widen search for accomplices.

The GuardianTerror police on alert amid fears of UK attack. Security stepped up as British death toll in Tunisia nears 30.


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