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28/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTVaroufakis sidelined as Tsipras shakes up Greek bailout team. Eurozone officials encouraged. New access for monitors. Stocks rally in Athens.

WSJE – Obama makes case for pan-Pacific trade deal. President says failure of Pacific accord would open door for China.

INYTAid slow to reach Nepal quake areas. Reliefs flowing to capital, but many villages are cut off as toll passes 3,800.


Le MondeThe army’s budget offensive against Bercy. François Hollande organises a defence council on Wednesday to review the military programming law and adapt the French army’s resources.

Les EchosUnemployment: the report which gives hope. Unemployment reached a new record-high with more than 3.5 million jobless people in March. A formal survey reports that 800,000 positions per year will be filled by 2022.


Frankfurter AllgemeineDeutsche Bank announces massive austerity measures. EUR 3.5 billion savings per year; significant job cuts are feared; share price collapses.

Suddeutsche ZeitungVaroufakis loses influence. Greek Prime Minister Tsipras appoints new negotiator for bailout negotiations, the government is to propose reform plan. Minimum wage is not to be increased after all and pensions could be cut.


La RepublicaThe challenge of Italicum: first votes today. Renzi wants to bring Democrats together. The first vote on the electoral law defended by Matteo Renzi will be held today in the Senate. The Prime Minister urges the members of the Democratic Party to rally.

Il Sole 24 OreA new team will supervise Varoufakis’ work on Greek debt. After the EU critics about the positions of the minister of Finance, the Greek government appointed new collaborators. This step from Athens boosts the stock market.


Gazeta – Chancellor Merkel frustrated with Russia. Poland and Germany will undertake a propaganda war in Ukraine. The parties did not reach a consensus on the German law provisions on the minimal wage, which hit Polish drivers.


El PaisRajoy dispels doubts about his candidacy and asks Spanish citizens to have faith in him. The President states that his future is not linked to the municipal election’s results.

ExpansionSpain to grow 2.9%. Rajoy raises 2015 and 2016 GDP forecast.


The Times  – Cameron: ten days to save the union. I will have failed without a majority, says PM.

The GuardianBank’s Libor fine will be used for apprenticeships says PM. Cameron’s £227m pledge in attempt to steal ground from Labour.


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