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27/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU



BBC EuropeBrexit: Germany rules out informal negotiations. There can be no talks on Brexit before the UK formally begins the process to quit the EU, Germany’s government says. The UK would be given a “reasonable amount of time”, but there must be no impasse, a spokesman said. The leaders of Germany, France and Italy meet later in Berlin, with the speed of negotiations for Britain’s exit high on the agenda.

FT Europe

Political turmoil and isolation: UK confronts new reality. Britain’s man in Brussels quits. The City of London has lost its voice, says Lord Hill. Boris Johnson on brink of declaring candidacy. Cameron allies seek alternatives to block Brexit leader. Labour cabinet stages mutiny against leader. Jeremy Corbyn under siege as he loses 11 shadow ministers.


Britain, EU grapple with fallout. Some hope for a British rethink


Vote on EU convulses British politics. “Brexit” provokes a caustic postwar unraveling.


Le Monde

Brexit: Can the European Union be strong again?. After the vote in favour of Brexit, European leaders expressed their fears of a “dilution” of Europe

Les Echos

Rebuild it all. Europe’s future to be discussed in Berlin today. In London, the spectrum of “Little-Britain.” Brexit: eight keys to understanding the situation. Financial markets: the new reality. Unprecedented challenges for French companies


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Uprising against Brexit. Many young British and especially the Scots now want to fight for Europe. The EU is struggling to find a common attitude towards London. The Tories are looking for a successor to David Cameron.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Scotland rejects BrexitLeadership crisis in Labour party. Resistance against Johnson in Conservative Party


La Repubblica

Spain rewards Rajoy, Podemos fails to beat PSOE. Populist parties obtained a good score but did not reach a majority. PSOE remains the second largest party in the country.

Il sole 24 Ore

After Brexit and Spanish elections? Reopening of the “Europe” issue. From employment to security, from migrants to investments: the topics that can change the future of the EU.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Brexit trap. The British are not hurrying up to submit an official application for exiting the EU. They even talk about 2017 as a possible deadline for it! They will probably want to keep a broad access to the EU single market, and to cut off the inflow of immigrants from their country. This would hit Poles.


El Pais

PP strengthens its position while Left Bloc loses ground. Conservatives win 14 seats despite scandals, for Socialists it was the worst election in its history, disappointing results for Podemos.


Towards the big pact. PP greatly improves results and PSOE resists as second biggest party


The Times

Jeremy Corbyn faces leadership ultimatum. Labour hit by wave of resignations

The Guardian

Corbyn defiant as shadow cabinet disintegrates over Brexit strategy. 11 resign after Benn is sacked over challenge. Deputy Watson distances himself from decision. Argument over legality of move against leader.


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