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25/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT – Global security fears rise after Turks shoot down Russian jet. Putin warns of serious consequences. Obama backs Ankara’s right to defend itself.

WSJETurkey downs Russian jet. Ankara claims fighter violated airspace; Moscow says it was over Syrian territory.

INYT Solidarity and strategy. French President François Hollande and US President Barack Obama met at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the fight against ISIS.

BBCMissing Russian jet pilot ‘alive and well’. A Russian pilot who went missing after his jet was shot down by Turkey while taking part in air strikes over Syria was rescued in a 12-hour operation involving special forces, Russia says. The pilot is “alive and well” at a Russian air base in Syria, it says.


Le MondeThe FN in a strong position after the attacks. The shootings in Paris have created a shockwave that has deeply modified the stakes in the regional elections, less than a month from the D-day.

Les EchosTensions muddy anti-ISIS coalition. Turkey shoots down a Russian jet, Moscow threatens to retaliate. Tunisia: presidential guard bus hit by suicide attack. Paris terrorists were about to blow themselves up at La Défense.


Frankfurter Allgemeine –  Putin threatens Turkey with “serious consequences.” Russian President: shooting down the fighter aircraft is a stroke in the back. NATO Special Session.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungSerious crisis between Moscow and Ankara. NATO member Turkey shoots a Russian fighter jet said to have flown over the border. Putin contradicts and threatens with “serious consequences.” Alliance convenes special meeting.


La Repubblica  – War between Putin and Erdoğan. Ankara downed a Russian Sukhoi jet close to its border with Syria. Moscow has promised serious consequences. In the meantime; NATO called for a meeting to discuss the situation.

Il Sole 24 Ore – Turkey downs a Russian warplane; EU stock markets plummet, oil price increase. Tensions are tangible in the Middle East where the Turkish army shot down a Russian jet said to have violated its airspace. Fear of an escalation pull EU stock exchange down.


Gazeta Wyborcza –  “Turkey says “enough.” Ankara warned Moscow several times not to invade its airspace but Russia stayed deaf to the warnings. Finally Turkey downed a Russian military aircraft close to its border with Syria yesterday. Vladimir Putin speaks about “a knife stubbed in the back” of Russia, a country fighting against terrorism.


El País Valls: “I understand Rajoy but France needs help.” “France is ready to receive assistance, any kind of help that would lighten the burden of foreign operations,” French Prime Minister stated.

Expansion  – Gestamp makes a major bet to save Abengoa. The Riberas family announces the cancelation of their cash injection in the group.


The TimesEnd to era of cheap borrowing. Loans and buy-to-let landlords hit as fears mount over household credit bubble.

The GuardianOsborne axe to fall on care and police. Chancellor to spell out cuts in spending review. Election pledge leaves little room for manoeuver. Livelihoods are being put at risk, says McDonnell.



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