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25/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTPorsche chief favourite to lead Volkswagen as emissions scandal widens. Müller close to group’s controlling families. Berlin reveals tests in Europe also suspect

WSJEStampede kills hundreds. Pilgrimage to Islamic holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia marred by “tragic accident.”

INYTPope issues call to action. Francis challenges US to use power as balm for planet’s “open wounds.”


Le MondePension system in the black in 2016, a first since 2004. For the first time since 2004, the private sector employees’ pension system should reach balance next year.

Les EchosVW: the rescue operation begins. The supervisory board is expected to name Porsche’s Chief Mathias Müller as new CEO. He will soon have to face a wealth of challenges.


Frankfurter AllgemeineMore than 700 dead in stampede near Mecca. Hundreds injured during the Muslim pilgrimage; Iran accuses Saudi authorities.

Suedeutsche ZeitungAid in the billions for Federal States. At the refugee Summit, the Federal government asked the Lander to assume part of the costs related to incoming asylum seekers.


La Repubblica“Abolish the death penalty.” Pope Francis has made a historical appeal to the US Congress, mentioning his American and immigrant roots. The Pope also took a stand against violence and war. Despite the fact that not everyone in the room agreed with his speech, Pope Francis received a standing ovation.

Il Sole 24 OreFollowing VW’s scandal, stock market plummets. New CEO for the German carmaker. Volkswagen scandal affects the entire automotive sector, FCA – 7.5% and generates fears that other carmakers also cheat on their emission tests. Turin’s attorney initiates an investigation and Transports minister, Graziano Delrio, announced controls on 1,000 cars, all brands combined. Volkswagen to name a new CEO after Mr Winterkorn resignation: Matthias Müller.


Gazeta WyborczaVW also pollutes in Poland. German Government admitted that the Wolfsburg-based concern also manipulated with the fumes emissions in Europe. In Poland, the problem might concern over 100,000 Volkswagen cars.


El PaisThe Generalitat recruits judges for independent Catalonia. Suspended judge Santiago Vidal is interviewing lawyers to fill 250 judges’ positions.

ExpansionGarcía and Margallo will have to talk on 28 September. The Foreign Affairs Minister calls for consensus before companies.


The TimesBMW and Mercedes hit as fraud scandal spreads. Doubts over emission in wake of VW crisis. Evidence ignored for a year by UK ministers.

The Guardian Tragedy at the hajj. More than 700 dead and 850 injured in crush. Worst disaster in 25 years sparks recriminations.



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