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24/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTClinton leads attack on Pfizer deal. “Inversion” poised to save $21 billion in tax. $160 billion tie up with Allergan caps frenzied year.

WSJEIn France, intelligence gaps probed. French law-enforcement authorities had Hasna Aït Boulahcen in sight long before she surfaced as a suspected accomplice in the Paris terror attacks and died during a police raid. Her phone had been tapped as part of an unrelated drug-trafficking investigation, according to people familiar with the matter.

INYTHollande tries to rally leaders to act against Isis. French President to visit Washington, with his political future at stake.

BBCTurkey ‘downs Russian warplane on Syria border’.Russia’s defence ministry said an Su-24 had crashed on Syrian territory after being hit by fire from the ground, and that its pilots had managed to eject. But Turkish military officials said Turkish F-16s had shot down the plane after repeatedly warning its pilots they were violating Turkish airspace.


Le Monde – France in a quest for an anti-IS coalition. François Hollande and David Cameron gathered on Monday at the Bataclan, before having a meeting at the Elysée. The British PM hopes to convince Westminster to intervene in Syria.

Les EchoesThe gigantic tax exile of a pharmaceutical giant. Pfizer and Allergan seal biggest global pharmaceutical deal in history. The American group will transfer its registered office to Ireland in order to cut its taxes.

Frankfurter AllgemeineCameron: together we will destroy the demonic threat. London promises Paris support in fighting IS. Terror alert remains in Brussels.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungHollande campaigns for global alliance against IS. The French President meets with the Presidents of America, Russia and China. By the end of this week, a worldwide military alliance should stand against “Islamic State.”


La RepubblicaFrance sent the warship Charles-de-Gaulle to Syria to fight against Isis. A suicide belt found in Paris suburb. David Cameron and François Hollande met yesterday to discuss raids in Syria. In Brussels, the curfew will last the whole week while, at the same time in the French capital, a “belt of explosives” was found in a trashcan in the south of Paris.

Il Sole 24 Ore – 40% of Ferrovie dello Stato to be sold in stock markets in 2016. The Italian Government opened the way for a decree that will open 40% of Ferrovie dello Stato to private investors.


Gazette WyborczaGovernment plays Hopscotch. PiS announces changes to the early school and pre-school education. Starting from 2016, six-years-old children will not have to go to school and will be free to stay in nurseries. This reshuffle is to result in revolution in schools’ administration.


El PaisThe Spanish government precludes the possibility to offer help to France before the election. If Hollande asks for help, Rajoy will meet with all the parties to get to a common position and will resort to Congress.

ExpansionSantander: accounts 1, 2, 3, to reach civil servants. The bank added new advantages to its offer.


The TimesCorbyn still first choice for Labour grass roots. Poll dashes critics’ hopes of ousting leader.

The GuardianOsborne finds £3.8 billion a year to help combat NHS winter crisis. Extra cash to help relieve pressure on struggling hospitals and GPs.


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