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24/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTObama closes in on biggest trade deal for a generation. Bill passes its last serious hurdle. Bitter debate over US jobs ends.

WSJE Divisions persist over Greek offer. Greece’s lenders scrutinized a proposal seen as a potential breakthrough on a bailout deal on Tuesday, but the concerns of some creditors suggest that days of tough negotiations lie ahead before an agreement can be clinched.

INYTNATO refocuses on an old foe, Russia. Military drills in Latvia underscore alliance shift toward threats in east.


Le MondeHope of an agreement with Greece. Alexis Tsipras’ government makes concessions and opens the way to an agreement with its creditors.

Les EchosFrench and money: what the crisis has changed. Wages, taxes, savings, attitudes to money: a special supplement on the consequences of a historical crisis. Poll: from what level of income are we rich?


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)Agreement on pay rise for kindergarten employees. The two arbitration committees of unions and local public employers have agreed on a significant pay raise for kindergarten employees and teachers

Sueddeutsche Zeitung – Solution in kindergarten conflict. Employers and employees have agreed to the arbitrators’ proposal of a 4.5% pay raise for kindergarten teachers and employees.


La RepubblicaSchools: vote of confidence in parliament to allow employing more teachers. Renzi dismisses De Luca. The school reform is about to be approved and according to the PM Matteo Renzi it will create more teachers’ employment. The president of Campania, Vincenzo de Luca, will be removed from his post.

Il Sole 24 OreBanks: shorter delays for credit. Italian Prime Minister Renzi claims economic credit is on the rise and introduces new measures to encourage growth, such as the deductibility of credit write-downs within a year instead of five. This is designed to free up credit currently blocked in the banking system.


Gazeta2nd Cold World War. USA will shift some heavy weaponry to Europe; NATO will reinforce its rapid reaction forces and ponders over reply to Russia’s nuclear threat. The alliance is getting ready to a cold war.


El PaisSpanish government to give civil servants more purchasing power. A few months ahead of the election, the government forecasts to reintegrate bonus payments and days off.

ExpansionRecord investments in stock exchange for families. Private individuals already 26% of the listed companies.


The TimesScotland to cancel funding for Queen. Snub comes as royals face move during Palace refit.

The GuardianTory plan to redefine child poverty. Figures likely to show first rise in a decade. Cabinet debate on whether right ‘measure’ is used. Critics fearful over impact of £12bn welfare cut.


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