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23/09 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeFinance job vacancies in England ‘fall after Brexit vote’. Job vacancies in England’s financial sector dropped more than 10% after the Brexit vote over passporting and single market concerns, a think tank has said.

FT Europe 

Boeing lifted as WTO rules EU failed to end billions in Airbus aid.

US claims support was $22 billion. Key decision in 12-year fight. Brussels weighs appeal.


Maersk splits up business.

Shipping-and-oil giant to separate energy and transport divisions.

US flagged suspect in bombings twice in 2014.

Customs officials notified federal threat monitors after long stay in Pakistan.


Le Monde

Bahamas Leaks: Ex-Commissioner Neelie Kroes’s directorship of offshore company revealed.

Former European Commissioner for Competition, Neelie Kroes, was the director of an offshore company based in the Bahamas during her mandate.

Les Echos 

Stock exchange: the reasons behind surprising optimism.

The CAC 40 closed up 2.3%, Nasdaq hit historic high. Central banks raise fears.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

CSU remains on a collision course with Merkel’s refugee policy.

Against a “formal compromise” on upper limit. Bouffier is tired of attacks from Munich.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

EU fears exodus from Egypt.

A boat accident with many casualties dramatically illustrates that more and more people are fleeing from North Africa. European Parliament President Martin Schulz wants the same agreement with Cairo as with Turkey.


La Repubblica 

Never ending sparring between Renzi and the EU, “you ask too much of us”.

Jean Claude Juncker will not appreciate Renzi’s latest comments on Europe, now the question is will the Commission grant Italy flexibility?

Il Sole 24 Ore

Fed effect: rise of European stock exchanges.

Draghi: too many banks in Europe reduce profit margins.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Reform of school according to PiS.

The Law and Justice (PiS) government presented its reform of educational system in Poland. History is the priority, nature subjects sidelined and IT subjects nearly inon-existent in high schools. Principals will have no control over their schools.


El Pais 

Sanchez is ready to resort to the party congress in order to strengthen his position.

The socialist leader will propose a government with Podemos to the federal committee. Rivera refuse to take part in the pact and asks PSOE to react.


CaixaBank sells 10% of its own shares in order to acquire BPI.

It distributes its shares between institutional shareholders for 1.322 billion.


The Times 

500m web users hit by biggest hack in history.

Breach revealed hours after White House cyberattack leaks Michelle Obama’s passport.

The Guardian

Labour MPs to reject roles in Corbyn cabinet.

Opponents preparing to ‘co-exist’ from backbenches as leadership result looms.




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