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23/03 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropeIsis strikes at heart of Europe. Jihadis claim Brussels attacks that kill at least 30. Two airport explosions and blast on metro train. Police launch manhunt for suspected bomber.

WSJETerrorists strike twice in Belgium. Manhunt on for suspect after bombing at Brussels airport, subway kill dozens of people. Bloodshed exposes growing divisions over border security.

INYTTerrorists strike heart of Europe. Attacks show EU to be increasingly vulnerable. Explosions kill dozens at two sites in Brussels

BBC EuropeSteadily growing threat. “The attacks in Brussels epitomise a steadily growing terrorist threat to Europe increasingly shaped by militants linked to so-called Islamic State (IS),” Petter Nesser, author of ‘Islamist Terrorism in Europe: A History’ tells the BBC. “The terrorists belong to the new generation of jihadis in Europe, mobilised by the Syria war… the Belgian branch was particularly effective in sending foreign fighters to Syria.”


Le MondeBrussels hit by terrorism. A series of explosions caused more than 20 casualties in the Zaventem airport and in a metro station in Brussels

Les EchosEurope under attack. At least 30 dead and more than 200 injured. The Islamic State claimed the attacks.


Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungNumerous casualties following the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Explosions at the airport and in a metro station. “Islamic State” claimed responsibility. PM Michel: a “Black Day.”

Sueddeutsche ZeitungTerrorist attack on Europe’s capital. At least 34 people died and 230 were injured when several bombs exploded at Brussels’ airport and in a metro station in the EU district. The Islamist militia IS claims responsibility for the bombings.


La RepubblicaIslamic State, Europe at war. A double attack in Brussels kills more than 30 people, The Islamic State claims the bombing.

Il Sole 24 OreIsis attacks Europe, 31 dead in Brussels. Two suicide bombers at the airport, bomb in the metro close to the EU headquarters. Manhunt after a suspect at large


Gazeta WyborczaTerror in Brussels. The attacks in the capital of Europe are a blow at EU’s heart. It will strengthen populist movements and weaken the Schengen Zone even more


El PaísTerror attack against Europe. Chaos in Brussels after two explosions hit the airport and a subway station. Isis claims responsibility for the attacks, which killed at least 30 people. Europe tightens up security measures and France closes its border with Belgium.

ExpansiónAttack against Europe. Europe tries to find a joint response to address terrorism. The terrorist risk hits the tourism industry on stock exchanges. More than 500 flights cancelled.


The TimesBloodbath in Brussels. 34 killed and 230 injured by bombs at airport and on metro. Manhunt after suspect flees.

The GuardianAt least 31 killed after terror attacks rips through Brussels. Up to 250 hurt in double attack on city. Isis claims responsibility for murders. “What we feared has happened,” Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.


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