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22/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC Europe –

FT Europe

Trump stokes furore over accepting US election result

Candidate says: “I’ll accept… if I win.” Republicans criticise debate remarks.


Apps Fueled ISIS Attacks

French national used social-media to recruit perpetrators in incidents that appeared unrelated.


Culture war in Bollywood

India and Pakistan ban actors and programs after attack in Kashmir.


Le Monde 

Why youths of immigrant background are over-represented in prisons

“Le Monde” investigated why people from immigrant backgrounds are over-represented in French prisons. Poverty, education levels, discrimination, legal proceedings… the accumulation of these factors greatly increase the risk of being incarcerated.

Les Echos

Taxation: the measure causing tension among entrepreneurs

The MPs have gone back over the fiscal framework of the Macron law on free shares. Major companies as well as start-ups feel aggrieved by this setback.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Merkel: What is happening with Russian aid in Aleppo is inhuman

EU criticises Moscow. Tusk: Keep all options open. Summit in Brussels.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Crèche Judgment: Parents are entitled to compensation

Municipalities can be held responsible for the loss of earnings if mothers and fathers cannot work because of missing childcare places. Decision by the Federal Court of Justice.


La Repubblica 

Freeze in relations between Renzi and EU, budget: legislative process delayed

The delay in transmitting the budget, summarily approved on October 15th, is causing tension

Il Sole 24 Ore

Draghi reassures on QE, European markets up

Bank values pushing up. Milan (+0.57%), fifth positive session in a row.


Gazeta Wyborcza

Stop to Zalewska’s reform

The Ministry of Education maintains that the Law and Justice party’s reform of the Polish education system is progressing according to schedule. Nonetheless, insiders are certain that at least one of the reform’s elements – the liquidation of junior high schools – will be postponed by a year or more.


El Pais 

Trump defies the system by threatening not to accept result

The Republican candidate says that he will only accept the result if he beats Hillary Clinton.


Retired people to be allow to work and get their whole pension

Experts ask for new funding in order to guarantee benefits.


The Times 

Crackdown on rip-off gambling companies

£3.5bn lost as bookmakers cancel winning bets.

The Guardian

HMRC targets exploitation of self-employed

Unit to study claims workers in “gig economy” denied rights and benefits.




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