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22/06 – The moment of truth for Greece is here

Most EU member states media focuses today on Greece and the Eurogroup emergency meeting scheduled for tonight. The general feeling of urgency and rush has not been abandoned, and most headlines underline this lack of time as well as the dire consequences of the Grexit, sometimes with apocalyptic titles such as “The endgame in Greece” in the INYT or “The Greek tragedy” in Le Figaro.

A particularly pessimistic article in the Daily Telegraph includes research from the ECU group showing that the euro area is “doomed” regardless of what happens to Greece. Another popular comparison is the one made by the Wall Street Journal, Germany’s MDR Info or Finland’s Aamulehti, which considers Greece to be playing a hostage game to get whatever it wants. There are theories to the contrary as well, however, as seen in Profil, where Alexis Tsipras’ economic advisor talks of a “tactical game” by the creditors, aiming to fuel panic in Greece.

Some media, like ABC in Spain, write about a new proposition that Tsipras should be presenting in today’s meeting, although they point out that no data on it has been leaked. The Grexit itself holds a sizeable amount of media attention, being the main focus of attention in pieces such as Commissioner Oettinger’s interview in ZDF or the editorial in, where the situation is seen as extremely bad. However, at the same time most member states seem to be including an article which references in one way or another the fact that the whole of the euro area is preparing for such an event.



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