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21/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTLove and hate between Greece and the West. Creditors have tainted the nation’s relations with the rest of Europe.

WSJEFed tells big banks to shrink. The Federal Reserve sent a message to the largest U.S. financial firms: Staying big is going to cost you.

INYTISIS becoming a functioning state that uses terror as a tool. The Islamic State is gaining a capacity to govern. But while it still relies on brutality, the shift may have the West rethinking a military-first strategy.


Le Monde – A “Grexit” temporary would not be the miracle cure. Wolfgang Schäuble, continues to insist that Greece must leave the euro for five years and that it would be more beneficial. Experts are not really convinced.

Les EchosAngry cattle breeders block traffic. Francois Hollande announced a “contingency plan” to help farmers.


Frankfurter AllgemeineThe Troika has returned to Athens. Prime Minister Tsipras brings another reform bill to parliament in order to meet the requirements of creditors for further financial assistance. The Troika send their experts back to Greece.

Suedeutsche Zeitung – CSU Seehofer wants to deport refugees faster


La Repubblica – Gay unions, condemnation of Italy by Strasbourg: “Recognize their rights.

Il Sole 24 Ore – The Three Pages that Nail Berlin. With a relatively small three-page report, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has exposed the flaws that already began to appear in the agreement reached at dawn, last Monday, between Greece and its creditors.


Gazeta Wyborcza – Lufthansa plane nearly collided with a drone. The plane landed safely at the airport at Okecie,  the situation was dangerous.


El Pais – Catalan secessionists threaten immediate independence after election. leaders of the pro-sovereignty bloc that hopes to win the Catalan regional election on September 27 warned that they are ready to declare independence immediately after the ballot if Madrid tries to place any legal hurdles in their way.


The TimesLabour is in ’emotional trauma’ after vote rebellion. In a fresh sign that the party may have shifted to the left under Ed Miliband, a third of Labour’s new MPs, and a fifth of the total rebelled.

The Guardian – Welfare bill: Labour is in emotional trauma after revolt, says David Blunkett. Former home secretary says the vote, in which Harriet Harman had urged MPs to abstain, has placed focus on party being divided.

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