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21/04 Today’s headlines from across the EU



FT Europe

Brussels charges Google with abusing dominance of Android.Move raises fresh fears in US tech sector. Competition concerns over pre-installed apps.



Google faces EU antitrust charges. European Commission accuses US company of abusing dominance of Android software.


Votes are only half the story. Trump must also win the battle for delegates, and so far has struggled.




Le Monde

Fears of a new surge of extremist vote at the presidential election, fourteen years after the first one. Fourteen years after April 21 2002, the 2017 campaign is marked by the historical weakening of the Socialist Party, which could be eliminated at the first round.

Les Echos The cost of Hollande’s new expenses. The President’s latest promises already amount to €4 billion for 2016. The Ministry of Economy and Finance claims that these measures will be financed by savings during the year.




Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Karlsruhe High court: Law on Federal Criminal Police Office BKA partly unconstitutional. Powers of secret surveillance interfere disproportionately with fundamental rights.


Suedeutsche Zeitung

Historic ruling on anti-terror fight. Wire-tapping, undercover agents and state Trojans: The Federal Constitutional Court considers that the power of the Federal Criminal Office goes too far and formulates stricter conditions.




La Repubblica

Infiltration risks in communities,” the Anti-mafia Commission raises the alarm. The Anti-mafia Commission has warned that local institutions were the main entrance point for mafia clans.


Il Sole 24 Ore

Housing: “European” rules for new mortgages. In case of forced sale, the surplus goes to the ex-owner.




Gazeta Wyborcza

Judges stand firm behind the law. Having boycotted rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal, the Government also boycotted the annual General Meeting of the Constitutional Tribunal Judges. The meeting, however, received strong support from judges of the Appellate, District and Administrative Courts from all around the country.






El Pais

Ausbanc paid judges to participate in classes and conferences.Top-level judges received around €1,000. The association organised seminars in the whole country.



Soros and Cerberus ally to acquire T-Solar. The two partners negotiate the acquisition of Isolux photovoltaic subsidiary for €130 million.


drapeau UK  UK


The Times

Crackdown on offshore owners of UK property. Secretive wealthy buyers to be unmasked


The Guardian

Obama weighs into ‘Brexit’ debate. President joins big hitters batting for Cameron. Obama fly in for 90th birthday lunch for the Queen. Listen to advice from friendly nations, PM urges


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